Weather you’re being active or cheering for your favorite team, it’s time to get your head in the game.

Let a few of our healthy-living experts inspire you as you get started...


"Working out with friends and family is the best motivation and inspires me to live an active, healthy lifestyle."

Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott

Certified personal trainers, nutritional coaches and founders of the fitness & lifestyle brand Tone It Up.


"Be practical this year!
Establish a healthy eating plan that you can manage and incrementally build on to achieve your wellness goals."

Kevin Curry

Fitness and nutrition enthusiast and
founder of the healthy eating blog
Fit Men Cook.


"Make fitness fun by finding something you love to do! It will be easier to keep up the routine."

Bob Harper

Health and fitness expert, author and host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.


"I am a cardio junkie, but I enjoy a variety of workouts. Remember, the first step is getting to the gym, and once you are there you will enjoy it!"

Jordan Younger

Creator of The Balanced Blonde and author of Breaking Vegan.


"Allow your body to perform at peak potential by wearing activewear that moves with you."

Alicia Archer

Fitness instructor with a background
in dance and expertise in
body-weight training.


"Practice gratitude!
Reflect on the good in life within all of your abilities—You will be able to savor the present and appreciate even what may come as a challenge."

Sophie Jaffe

Raw food chef, yoga teacher and founder of the wellness brand Philosophie.

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