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Everything kids need to redefine the routine. Shop At-Home Learning.

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At-Home Learning

Make sure your child is prepared to go to the head of the class by picking up all their at-home learning essentials from Kohl’s! While virtual learning is a change from the usual daily school routine, it can allow your little one to find new ways to discover the world around them, learning all the core skills they need to earn a passing grade! So shop Kohl’s, and find all the items you need to set your child up for success this school year!

Tools for At-Home Learning

To ensure your child is ready to go for the upcoming school year at home, you’ll need a device that will keep them connected to the lessons provided by their teacher. The perfect way to do this is to pick up a kid-friendly tablet. Our selection of tablets includes the popular Amazon Fire line of tablets, including those designed specifically for children. The Amazon Fire Kids tablets are built to last, with extra protection to help ensure durability. Easy-to-use parental controls also help by limiting screen time outside of class, filtering age-appropriate content, and managing web browsing capabilities. You can also find headphones that easily connect to the tablet, calculators for math class, and so much more.

Make Learning Fun with Educational Toys

At-home learning doesn’t have to be serious all the time! Offer some fun by adding learning toys into the mix, and watch as your child learns while having a great time doing so!

Our selection of educational toys covers children of all ages; from preschool through middle school and beyond. Toys from trusted brands like Melissa & Doug, LEGO, LeapFrog, and more offer the ability for your child to fine-tune their motor skills, learn math concepts, problem solve, and conduct science experiments.

With all these essentials from Kohl’s, you’re set to have your child well prepared for at-home learning. While the location of the classroom may have changed, the ability for your child to succeed has not! Get them set up for success with at-home learning essentials from Kohl’s!