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At Home Spa Day for the Whole Family

As much as we’d all like to have a spa day on a regular basis, it can be hard to fit them into a busy schedule. But, that doesn’t mean that you and your family don’t deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while. Now’s the perfect time to remove all the stress of the world from your mind by creating a relaxing spa day at home! With a wide range of bath bombs and bath salts, you can soak up some relaxation time. Be sure to pamper yourself with face masks that rejuvenate and freshen your skin, as well as tools to help you give yourself a pedicure at home. When you’re done with the pampering, wrap yourself in a comfy hoodie or a snuggly blanket, and finish the day binge-watching your favorite shows.

Whether you’re working remotely (and up for multi-tasking) or just don’t feel like getting off the couch (no judgment), turn to these at-home products that essentially bring the spa to you!

Home Spa Beauty Essentials

Are you ready to boost your beauty routine with something new? You’ll find a wide range of bath and body products like lotions, shower gels, and facial cleansers. Your face is the most important part of any skincare routine, but we all use different products to get the job done. Our facial cleansers and face scrubs keep complexions happy and healthy. Whether your skin is oily, dry or sensitive, there's a cleanser for you. Another absolutely necessary item that you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle is hand soap. Hand soap is a basic necessity and a chic sink-side accessory. You need to be at the top of your game to handle any tasks that you undertake (even if you’re just relaxing).

Comfy Clothing for Your At Home Spa

Now that you have all the items you need to give yourself the ultimate at home spa day, you might consider the clothing you’ll be wearing during your days of relaxation. Comfort will be key, so consider athleisure apparel and comfy robes that put style and softness at the top of mind. You’ll also enjoy sliding into super soft socks that will wrap your feet up in warmth. With comfortable options for the whole family, you can be sure that everyone in your home will be feeling their best.

Essential Oils & Diffusers

Maximize the benefits of aromatherapy with our essential oils and diffusers. Essential oil diffusers help you relax and practice self-care right at home. The oils are great for disinfecting the air from bacteria and viruses. In some cases, they can even help boost immunity to help prevent illnesses. Whether you’re relaxing after a stressful day at work or simply giving yourself an at home spa treatment on the weekend, essential oils create a calming, balanced atmosphere. In addition to giving off a pleasant smell, they also mesh with just about any decorating style. Don’t wait to refresh your abode. Accent your home with simple touches that can bring out the most in your space.

With a wide range of spa products and staycation essentials that make your home feel like a getaway, we provide everything you need to settle in, get comfy, and relax at home with the family!