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Staycation Essentials

Instead of planning a big family vacation this year, why not enjoy all your home has to offer by picking up some staycation essentials from Kohl’s! With a wide range of products that make your home feel like a getaway, we provide everything you need to settle in, get comfy, and relax at home with the family!

Staycation Ideas and Themes

If a staycation sounds like your idea of fun, then consider the following themes for how you’d like to spend your relaxation time at home.

Remove all the stress of the world from your mind by creating a relaxing spa day at home. With a wide range of bath bombs and bath salts, you can soak up some relaxation time. Pamper yourself even more with face masks that rejuvenate and freshen your skin, as well as tools to help you give yourself a pedicure at home. When you’re done with the pampering, wrap yourself in a comfy hoodie or a snuggly blanket, and finish the day binge watching your favorite show.

Get the whole crew in on the fun with a relaxing family night at home! Everyone in the family can dress in their softest sweatshirt and loungewear, throw on some soft and cozy blankets, pop some popcorn, and throw on the family’s favorite movie!

For the adults, new sets of beer or wine glasses offer the perfect vessels for a refreshing beverage. Meanwhile, the kids can create soft drinks using a SodaStream machine. Popcorn makers provide the yummy treats during the movie, and pajamas for the family offer maximum comfort. All you have to do is turn on the TV and start the show!

Playtime is sure to become the favorite part of any day of staycation, especially for the youngest family members! And at Kohl’s, we offer lots of toys, games, and other ways to keep everyone entertained!

Get everyone to gather around the table by pulling out a family-favorite board game! From classics like Monopoly, to the latest and greatest in strategy games, we offer all the games you need to make any night game night. For the more tech-savvy kids (and adults!), Kohl's also has the latest in video game consoles, games and accessories!

When it’s time to take the fun outside, be sure to shop our full line of outdoor toys and games for kids to play. And be sure to engage their creativity with arts and crafts toys, too!

With all these options available, Kohl’s has everything you need to plan the perfect staycation. From comfy apparel to fun toys and games, each part of your at-home relaxation session is sure to be a success. So take a break from life for a bit, and enjoy the chill with staycation essentials from Kohl’s!