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2-Person Tents

Looking to spend some time in the great outdoors? Shop Kohl’s to find everything you need for 2 people to camp comfortably. Our durable 2-person tents are designed to keep you sheltered from the elements so that you can enjoy your time in nature. Whether you’re camping in the mountains or watching the stars from your backyard, you’ll enjoy the convenience that our camping gear brings to outdoor recreation.

When Will You Need a 2 Person Tent?

As the name suggests, 2-person tents are ideal for 2 people. This could include 2 adults, an adult, and a child, or even an adult and a pet. This type of tent is ideal for backpackers who travel light and for conventional camping use. But, 2 person tents aren’t just for 2 people. Solo campers would also benefit from a light 2-person shelter for the extra space.

Having the right tent for your outdoor adventure is essential. You will need to evaluate the weather conditions, season, and the environment in which you are camping and also the number of adults that the tent can fit comfortably. Tents tend to be differentiated by how many people can sleep inside. At Kohl’s, we offer tent options that comfortably fit anywhere from one person all the way up to larger 10-person tents.

What to Look for in a Tent

When constructed with water-resistant materials, a tent will keep you and your company dry and comfortable. Look for tents with easy setup and take-down so that when it’s time to hit the trail again, you’ll be quick to repack and get going. If you’re going to be hiking, trekking, or carrying your gear for any length of time, you will really want a lightweight tent that has been designed with backpacking in mind.

Additional tent features include:

  • A mesh top
  • Screened and solid zip doors
  • Interior pockets
  • A carry bag

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