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63-Inch Drapes

Enhance the look of any room of your home with 63-inch Curtains from Kohl's! 63-inch Drapes are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, so there's sure to be the perfect window dressings you're looking for. Find all the home decor you need to make your house a home at Kohl's!

Why Choose 63-inch Window Treatments?

Window curtains and drapes come in a wide variety of sizes. So it can be hard to know which size is right for the windows in your home. 

The 63-inch length for curtains is on the short side of the spectrum. Going up from 63 inches, curtains are available in lengths that include 84, 95, 108, and 120 inches. Some styles of curtains are less than 63 inches, but these are considered tier curtains, and are a bit different from the typical window dressings.

Choosing the right size window curtain comes down to the height of your window and where you want the curtains to fall. The current trend is to allow your curtains to hit the floor. But window treatments can also hit just below the window sill for a traditional and timeless look. Therefore, choosing 63-inch window treatments comes down to the specific length of the window area you're dressing. The first step is to know exactly how long the curtains you need will be, so measure from the place you want the window curtain to reach, to where the curtain rod will be installed. You may have to round up this measurement, and curtains and drapes are always able to be hemmed to an exact length.

If the window you're focusing on will require the drapes be opened and closed frequently, choose curtains with a length that allows them to barely touch the floor or that hang loosely above the floor. For a more elegant look on a window that will not be opened and closed as frequently, choose curtains that extend and rest on the floor several inches.

Styles of Curtains Available

Kohl's has a wide variety of curtain and drape styles and designs available, ensuring that you find the right choice for your room. From various trendy designs like 63-inch farmhouse curtains to 63-inch floral curtains, we have just what you need to enhance the look of your home. And when brand is imperative, our selection of 63-inch curtains from names like Madison Park, LC Lauren Conrad and more aresure to be up to the task. When it comes to everyday home decor, make Kohl's your only shopping destination!

Curtains and drapes from Kohl's are just what you need to complete the look of any room in your home. Find all your window dressing essentials at Kohl's!