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adidas Kids Clothing & Shoes

Admired worldwide for advancing classic design for women, men and children, adidas apparel is iconic in all the annals of style. It’s interesting, as adults, we’re equipped with the power to outfit our children (and our friends + families’ children) in the clothing of our choice. Do the pint-sized and growing a favor: choose adidas. It’s been scientifically proven that children who rock adidas as youngsters tend to cultivate admirable adidas style in their advancing years (fine, it’s just our opinion, but it is a strong opinion). Ensuring the youth in our lives look cool, feel good and maintain a wide range of movement is actually important. Remember: time is a game only children play well: Get adidas gear for the children in your circle and watch them do what they do best: have fun!

adidas Clothing & Shoes for Boys

He’s a mover and a shaker: he’s here, there and everywhere. After all is said and done, he’s a boy, and boys need comfortable, active clothing to keep on keeping on. Kohl’s has got activewear, shoes and accessories for boys of all shapes and sizes. Lucky for him, adidas looks cool in any setting, during any weather, under any conditions. From long sleeve hoodies and sweatpants to short sleeve tees, shorts and even underwear, Kohl’s has got your boy covered. Enjoy an adidas advantage: practical and undeniably cool, the young dude in your life will be carrying the news: adidas rocks!

adidas Clothing & Shoes for Girls

Your girl is a real go-getter: active, curious and courageous, she’s ready to take on the world. Gear her up to face this whole world in adidas clothing, shoes and accessories for girls, guaranteed to blow her mind! Classic killer queen style comes equipped with comfort and flexible, breathable material providing ease of movement for all day wear. Sift through Kohl’s assortment for sweet sweats, shoes, socks, hoodies, and more. We’ve got sizes for the growing girl in your life, from the toddler years all the way up to the terrific teens. Kohl’s keeps adidas advancing along with the age of your girl to keep her outfitted in stylish comfort for years to come.

adidas Clothing & Shoes for Toddlers & Babies

We bet you can’t find anything more adorable than adidas baby gear. Come to Kohl’s and double down on adidas clothing and shoes for toddlers and babies: it just can’t be beat. From hysterically hip hoodies, to cute coveralls with classic adidas stripes, and from football sweatshirts to terrific tunics, Kohl’s has all of the winners. At Kohl’s we believe adidas adheres to a simple maxim: never too early to be cool and stylin’. Bring bundles of joy to the next baby shower: make it rain with adidas apparel, clothing and shoes for fun and good fortune to the lucky family.

adidas Accessories & Footwear

All kids headed back to school need two things: backpacks to carry their stuff and shoes upon their feet to make sure they get to where they’re going. Equip your youngster in absolute adidas style with admirably adorable and adjustable backpacks and duffle bags that will grow along with them. Simply pack up all they need for the first day of school, camp getaway or weekend at the Grandparents: items aplenty await safe passage within the ample hold of an adidas bag. Pack it all!