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You'll always be right on time with Alarm Clocks from Kohl's. Whether it's getting to class in the morning or making it to work for the 9-to-5, our full selection of Bedside Clocks offer all the features and functions that you need in an alarm clock. We also have all the brand names you expect. Shop alarm clocks at Kohl's and find the perfect timepiece for you!

When looking for the best alarm clocks, be sure to find the one that best matches all your needs. If you like waking up to music in the morning, our selection of radio alarm clocks is ideal for you. Many of these clocks also feature an option to connect to your phone or music player, offering even more functionality. If you're looking for a specific brand, know that you can find all the big names at Kohl's, too. With choices like Seiko alarm clocks, you'll find a timepiece that is sure to come from a brand you can trust.

Being on time is a trait that is important in many aspects of your life. Sometimes, though, punctuality may require some assistance. With an alarm clock from Kohl's you'll get to that class, meeting, workout, or activity on your schedule with plenty of time to spare. Our selection of alarm clocks offer all the functions and features you need to get the day started right!