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Animal Print Area Rugs

If you're looking for animal print area rugs, Kohl’s has several options sure to satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers. We have a wide assortment of styles suitable for adding a wild flair to any room. You can use a single animal print rug to make a statement or scatter several of them throughout the house to define space or create a path. With rugs, you can tie any room together by pulling elements of the rug into throw pillows, art, and accessories. They warm up the look of a room while providing a soft place to walk on. Take a walk on the wild side with animal print rugs from Kohl’s!

Why Choose an Animal Print Rug?

Animal print has long been used in the world of fashion. It’s no surprise that many people use these same patterns for interior design. The eye-catching style of animal print rugs is sure to steal the show everywhere you put it. It exudes a sense of adventure and glamour but can also be toned down to be used as a decorative accent. You can place them in any room inside of your home: living room, bedroom, office, or foyer. Be sure to explore animal print area rugs, throw rugs, runners, and various rug shapes.

How to Style Zebra Print Rugs

In more traditional spaces, a single animal-print accessory creates an instant focal point. You’ll likely want to place this decorative option in the center of a living room or home office. The directional lines of the zebra print draw the eyes toward unique home decor and beautiful framed artwork to anchor the room’s design.

How to Style Cowhide Print Rugs

Even a rustic bedroom feels fresh with a pop of animal print. Cowhide print rugs are an excellent choice for rooms with farmhouse decor. You can pair this style with rustic antiques and classic-style furnishings. Cowhide rugs work well not only as area rugs but also as wall hangings, drapes, throw blankets, and upholstery. This option will look great by the fireplace in your bedroom or in a room full of monochrome colors.

How to Style Cheetah Print Rugs

A bold cheetah print rug works well with an assortment of colorful textiles and artwork. The key is to repeat the same print multiple times and mix it with a range of patterns, colors, and textures. Cheetah print works well as a background element in large rooms with modern home decor.

How to Style Snakeskin Print Rugs

Decorating with animal prints doesn't mean you have to make your space feel like a safari. Snakeskin rugs get you away from stripes and spots while still adding a dose of wild style. Snakeskin prints are a natural fit for colorful, eclectic interiors.

No matter what size, brand, or color you’re looking for, you’ll find area rugs that give you the look and feel you’ve been searching for. Shop Kohl’s for all your area rug needs, and give your home an updated look.

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