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Area Rugs

Area rugs are essential additions to any room: no matter the size, the proper amount of color and texture can make your living space come to life. Choosing the right type, style and size can be a bit daunting: fret not, for Kohl's has your interior design needs organized. Utilize our helpful ideas, below, for bringing the best area rug to your home area!

Area Rugs Types

Square Area Rugs

Bring your room together with the gentle geometry of the square. Perfect to fit the perimeter of your living space, Square Area rugs.

Shag Area Rugs

Add texture, color and depth to your living space with Kohl's wide array of shag area rugs. You'll feel the deep pile below your feet as you stroll the luxurious surface of your shag-tastic room. Pile height matters to you: Kohl's says, go deep!

Throw & Accent Rugs

Small rugs, big hearts: add accent and splash vibrance into your living space with a terrific throw rug from Kohl's.

Rug Pads

Ideal for use on all hard-surface floors, non-slip grip rug pads ensure safe, non-slip use of your wonderful area rugs. Maintain traction for the high-traffic areas of your life...children, pets, friends and family of all sorts will thank you!

Area Rug Patterns

Floral Area Rugs

Allow color and shape to blossom upon your favorite living surface: bring bloom and a splash of mother nature to your room. A bevy of floral arrangements awaits your browsing green thumbs.

Chevron Area Rugs

Get your interior designed pointed in the right direction by checking out Kohl's choice of chevron area rugs. To put a fine point upon it, chevron provides an angular accent sure to bring together whatever room it inhabits. Check chevron area rugs out at Kohl's to ensure that you don't miss the point of this wonderful copy block.

Lattice Area Rugs

Lattice pray for peace, love and harmony in our homes. Seriously, adding the textured look of lattice to your home design can provide pleasing patterns to influence energy and mood: lattice see the best your room has to offer by checking out the lovely lattice area rugs available at Kohl's.

Geometric Area Rugs

Remember in high school when you said: "Geez, I'll never use geometry in real life!" Perhaps you may never need to measure a hypotenuse, but geometry just keeps showing up. Having said that, these geometric area rugs come loaded with patterns which require no measurement. Just drape these stunning geometric area rugs along your favorite living space and let the shapes do all the work.

Area Rug Sizes

Attention: All rug sizes are approximate and should measure within 2-6 inches of stated size. Pattern may also vary slightly.

3'x5' Area Rugs Rugs

Ideal for your smallest living spaces, add a splash of color and texture to your entry areas, hallways or restrooms.

5x7 Area Rugs

Great for midsize rooms, place in the smaller bedroom to add depth or add intrigue to the guest room to make your visitors feel at home.

8'x10' Area Rugs Rugs

Just right for bringing your high-traffic living or family rooms to life with color, texture and geometry. Pair with some awe-inspiring artwork and you'll have a brand new room!