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Wall Art

When you’re in search of a quick and easy way to transform the look of any room of your home, be sure to browse the full selection of wall art options at Kohl’s. Wall art comes in many different shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can find the right piece of decor for any room in your home. Our selection of wall art also features options made of a wide range of materials, from wood to metals, providing even more personality and unique appeal.

How to Choose the Perfect, On-Trend Wall Art

Part of what makes the decoration process so gratifying is bringing a look together. You've got your accent wall, your complimentary furniture, accent items, and yet, something is missing. Putting the right art on the wall can bring the whole thing to fruition.

Now, it can't just be any art. You're looking for art that might echo your accent wall color, or something blatantly contrasting. But that's not all, the height, length, and overall shape of your art can be a factor to consider as well. Perhaps, you may even need more than one piece. Below, you can find a guide to the many styles of art to be found, to help you make the right choice for your room.

Triptychs are a classical art style that should never be overlooked. The original application of the triptych was a hanging or display cabinet that opened outwards to reveal three paintings that were interrelated and told a story. Fast forward to modern times, and the concept has been abstracted a little. Many paintings can be blown up and cut into three to create the triptych effect, without the interrelated storytelling of old. Another triptych style is to have three similar paintings with slight differences paired together.

Nature art is by far the most ubiquitously trendy choice. You can find a series of different paintings ranging from wild flowers, animals, landscapes, and more. These almost always inspire a tranquil vibe and feature a cooler color pallet.

If you're feeling extra trendy, you can find a great selection of typographic art, or word art. Typography is an art commonly found in graphic design, and these skills are transferable to the canvas. Picking the right words for your home are pretty easy. Figure out what words feel right to establish a theme, and find something that fits that! You can pick something inspiring, thematic, or something that just looks cool. These pieces can be a constant reminder for you to think about what you have, or what you should always strive for, which plays into the benefit of tailoring your decor.

  • Abstract

Abstract art came about when it felt like there was just nothing new. These pieces have inspired people with profound, life changing thoughts. The stark shapes, colors, and organization of the two can compliment your decor nicely. Abstract art has the ability to both blend in, and completely steal the show. Which piece you choose will certainly dictate whether you use it to finish your decor vibe, or if you build your decor around it. The nature of abstract art also allows you a crazy amount of flexibility. This means that some are quite quaint, and others are bordering on the absurd. Most will be somewhere between those two extremes but they afford you a serious amount of choice in how you set up your room.

Wall art comes in many different styles as well, aside from trends and art preferences. While canvas and metal are two of the most popular materials used in wall art, you can also find wood, glass, and resin options. And each style fits easily into any room of your home - from bathroom signs to kitchen art focusing on food and drink.

With wall art from Kohl’s, you can put your personal stamp on your home’s decor. Take the look of any room to a whole new level, adding a canvas art piece or metal sign, and enjoy the new ambience you’ve created!