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Baby Clothes

Bring the new baby the whole kit and kaboodle from Kohl's next time you're called to "shower" a family with gifts. Baby clothing, shoes and accessories from some of the top brands offer all a baby's caregiver could ask for: fashion-forward, fun and practical. Perfect for keeping the baby comfortable and allowing for full range of movement, baby clothing at Kohl's cares about the development of each and every baby in your life. Keep Kohl's top of mind for the newborn in need of fresh baby clothing, shoes and accessories.

Clothing for Baby Girls

Get that girl something cute and comfy! Kohl's collection of clothing and shoes for girls comes in colors and styles sure to bring smiles. The assortment of outfits, shoes and more means easy pickings for baby shower gifts and birthdays. Setup your supergirl for summer, winter, spring and fall in fashionably fun clothing and shoes for girls. Jump online for a wide selection of Jumpsuits & Rompers Baby One-Piece cuties at Kohl's!

Clothing for Baby Boys

Bring that bouncing baby boy new Nike clothing and shoes so his parents can keep him looking and feeling good for his first seasons on the planet. Plan it perfectly by equipping the newborn with new digs for the baby shower or first birthday. Be sure to pair clothing with booties or shoes from Kohl's collection of Nike's for baby boys. Shop all day, every day clothing for baby boys at Kohl's.

Neutral Clothing for Babies

Families turn to Kohl's when looking to outfit their newest edition in style and comfort. Dress that sweet child o' thine in clothing sweet enough to wear in a warm place to hide as the rain quietly passes by. Kohl's provides practical and adorable clothing for families to outfit their new child for every new day. Add to your assortment of baby sets and outfits by fitting their feet in shoes for babies at Kohl's.

Shoes for Babies

A perfect gift for any Baby Shower, show up with shoes and boots aplenty. Bouncing babies call for lots of love and attention, especially as they get ready for their first footwear. Get the baby in your life accustomed to keeping their feet covered in cozy comfort and style. Just as importantly, make sure to get them shoes that supply sturdy, steady and supportive steps. Kohl's has all the baby shoes one could ask for, from newborn boots and booties, to athletic shoes and sneakers, not to mention sandals. Welcome the newborn baby (and caregivers) with everything they may need: shop everything Baby at Kohl's!

Pajamas for Babies

One of the best things about baby clothes is the one-piece approach: it's only for so long we can get away with wearing but one thing. Outfit the baby in your life in the one-piece of his or her dreams: perfectly comfortable for all day wear, permissible as apparel or pajamas. Speaking of sweet dreams, take care of your baby's slumber wear by providing pajamas from some of the top brands. Shop pajamas and even more adorability with with all the baby gear you could possibly want at Kohl's.

Buying Baby Cloths & Essentials

Baby Size Chart

Stay ahead of baby's growth spurt by stocking up on a couple of sizes for each type of item!

The following baby sizing guide is general for Because manufacturers design clothes differentl, please refer to the sizing chart attached to each product or on the product packaging.

Newborn & Infant

3 mo.19-21"8-12 lbs.
6 mo.21-23"12-16 lbs
9 mo.25-27"16-20 lbs.
12 mo.27-29"20-24 lbs.
18 mo.29-31"23-26 lbs.
24 mo.31-33"26-29 lbs.

Baby Clothing Care Tips

Dye-free, scent-free detergent is especially important for newborns. Your family's usual detergent may be too harsh on baby's soft skin, so look for extra-gentle detergents to keep your little one comfortable.

Formula, baby food and diaper accidents can create quite a mess. Always pretreat stains before washing to keep baby clothing looking brand new.

Baby Bodysuits

A versatile baby essential. Inseam snaps are often paired with an adjustable neckline or shoulder snaps for easy on and easy off. You'll need 8-10 bodysuits.

Baby Side-Snap Shirts

Off-center snaps make these garments easy to dress baby. Can be worn as a top or a layer under any outfit or sleepwear. You'll need 4-6 shirts.

Baby Pull-on Pants

Available in various styles and colors, and in fabrics from denim to knit. Usually have full or back elastic waistbands, and occasionally have inseam snaps. You'll need 4-6 pairs.

Easy Baby Outfits

Baby clothes sets with two to four coordinating pieces for simple outfitting. You'll need 4-6 sets.

Baby Sleep & Plays

These long-sleeved, footed garments keep baby warm and cozy during play time or nap time. Full zip or snap-front closures allow for easy dressing. You'll need 6-8 sleep & plays.

Baby Gowns

These baby gowns feature an elastic bottom for easy access to baby's bottom. Usually long-sleeved. You'll need 2-4 gowns.

Sleep Sacks & Swaddles

Closed bottom, one-piece design keeps baby comfy and secure while sleeping. You'll need 2-4 sleep sacks or swaddles.

Buntings & Snowsuits

Cozy, one-piece design keeps baby warm from head to toe in cooler weather. Front zipper or snaps for easy on and off. You'll need 1-2 to grow with your baby.