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Bundle up your child's everyday look with baby coats from Kohl's! Our entire selection of baby jackets offers many versatile options to choose from, so you'll find the perfect jacket you need to keep your little one warm and comfortable in any weather. Shop our selection of outerwear essentials at Kohl's, and complete your baby's clothing collection with ease!

A Guide to Baby Coats

Kohl's has a wide variety of baby outerwear to choose from, with many different options and designs available, including baby denim jacket options, baby raincoat styles, and baby puffer jacket selections. We understand the importance of protecting your baby from the elements and ensuring they're comfortable in everything they wear. And while it may be easy to dress your baby for warm weather, it's important to also consider their comfort when colder temperatures move in.

Here are four tips to help you find the perfect baby coat for your little one.

Tip #1 - Consider the Weight of the Coat

Despite their warm benefits, winter coats that are too thick can limit a baby's movements, thus making them feel confined and uncomfortable. Additionally, thick coats will make it much more difficult for toddlers to move and walk. Therefore, it's important to consider a coat that isn't too heavy on the child. A thinner, lightweight coat for quick trips inside and out in the cold is sufficient in most climates. However, if you will be outside in cold temperatures for a long period of time, then a thick winter coat or snowsuit will come in handy.

Tip #2 - Find the Right Size

Because babies grow so much within the first year, it's unlikely that you will need a coat that lasts longer than a year. However, you can always go a size up so that your little one can later grow into the jacket over the season. Toddlers, on the other hand, are generally able to use a bigger coat for at least two winters. Not sure what size to get your little one? This baby sizing chart will help you stay ahead of your baby's growth spurts.

Newborn19-21"up to 8 lbs.
3 mo.21-23"8-12 lbs.
6 mo.23-25"12-16 lbs.
9 mo.25-27"16-20 lbs.
12 mo.27-29"20-24 lbs.
18 mo.29-31"23-26 lbs.
24 mo.31-33"26-29 lbs.

In general, manufacturers design clothes differently, so you can use this chart as a general guide. However, you can also refer to the sizing chart attached to each product or on the product packaging itself to find the best fit.

Tip #3 - Look for Easy Closures

While conducting your search for your ideal baby coat, consider jackets that feature easy closures such as zippers, buttons, and velcro. This ensures that you're able to easily put on the coat and take it off of your child. If you're shopping for a toddler, look for easy closures that they will eventually be able to master themselves such as a zip-front design.

Tip #4 - Dress for Maximum Comfort

When traveling, opt for light options such as a fleece or a midweight jacket that will provide warmth without bulking up in car seats. If your baby is wearing a thick coat in the car, you can remove it and replace it with a baby blanket or winter car seat cover. Because babies are usually carried in a stroller or seat covered with a blanket, it's unlikely that they will need a hooded jacket. However, toddlers may need one to protect them on those rainy, snowy, or windy days. And for those days that are a little chilly but not cold enough for long sleeve attire, opt for a zip-up vest instead.

Additional Baby Clothes & Essentials

When it comes to your kids, we understand that you only want the best. That's why we want to welcome the latest addition to your family with help from the Kohls Baby Clothing & Essentials Guide. We make what might seem like an overwhelming task just a little easier to navigate. Whether you're also searching for baby bodysuits, car seats, strollers, bibs, or washcloths, we've got you covered.

Baby coats from Kohl's are sure to fit perfectly into your child's everyday wardrobe. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the apparel necessary to complete your family's wardrobe. Be sure to shop our full line of men's, women's, and kid's essentials for even more of all the items that fit your family's style!