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Learning Block Toys

Learning blocks, also called toy blocks or building blocks, are an amazing tool for early child development. For babies and toddlers, learning blocks have been shown to foster motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and the capacity for creative thinking. That's why Kohl's has an amazing assortment of learning block toys for your little one!

Wooden block toys have been around for hundreds of years because their design and function are timeless. Today you can find learning blocks in a variety of mediums (like wood, plastic, foam, or filled, soft fabrics) but their benefits remain the same. These soft Baby Einstein block toys are perfect for babies in the beginning stages of motor skill development. They'll be able to discover and explore safely. Nesting block toys and stacking blocks are great for helping your child learn problem solving skills. These skills are developed as they figure out how to stack the blocks up correctly. We also have great brands in our learning block assortment. You'll love Melissa & Doug baby toy building blocks & sets as well as Fischer Price and Baby Einstein.

Kohl's has the learning block toys you need to set your child up for success!