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Take a taste of the good life with all of your home bar and wine storage needs from Kohl's.

Whether you are looking to unwind from a hard day in the office or celebrate life's greatest achievements with family and friends, there is nothing like opening a can of your favorite beverage or popping the cork out of a vintage bottle of wine in the comforts of your own home. Sure going out to bars and restaurants is fun. But with all of the available wine racks and wine cabinets, it's never been easier to turn either the tiniest nook of your living room or the largest spare room in your home into a home bar of which you can be proud.

Even better, instantly transform any outdoor space into party central with the function, style and grace of wicker bar sets. Because who doesn't like watching the sunset over a glass of red? Or congratulating your buddy on his new promotion with a can of cold sudsy?

It goes without saying, however, to please celebrate responsibly. Because a large part of the good life is due to you, your family and your friends being in it. And we'd like you to be around as long as possible to enjoy it.