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Bathroom Accessories Sets

Are you looking to find a replacement for your old rusty bathroom waste basket, or are you trying to spruce up your bathroom's style with some trendy decor? Either way, Kohl's has what you're looking for with a wide selection of bathroom accessories in many different styles! Check out our collection of bathroom accessories that are sure to have your bathroom looking neat such as shower curtains, bathroom rugs, and bath towels!

Bathroom Collections

If you're looking for the most convenient way to update your bathroom decor in an exciting, consistent new way, taking a look at Kohl's lineup of bathroom collections may be exactly what you're looking for! Bathroom collections have everything you need to create a sleek look to your bathroom such as soap dispensers, tissue holders, hand towel racks, toothbrush holders, and small mirrors. Some even come with a shower curtain with a matching design to really bring things full circle! They're also great if you're missing a couple of those items, but don't want to throw off the vibe with a misfitting item. Are you a cat lover and want to show it? Feast your eyes on this fancy One Home Kitty Cat Bath Accessories Collection to add a personal touch to your washroom! Don't need certain items that a bathroom collection comes with? No worries, because some sets let you pick and choose which items to purchase! Take a look at this interDesign Brisbane Bathroom Accessories Collection that comes with what you need to get your bathroom in tip-top shape!

Shower Curtains

Is your current shower curtain starting to get a little stale? Whether it's getting moldy from everyday use or you just need a little bit of a change of pace, Kohl's has a wide array of shower curtains that will breathe some much needed life into your bathroom! Whether you want a simple, classy design such as stripes, dots, or solid colors, or a more bold, colorful look, the possibilities are endless with our lineup. Want a shower curtain that will get your little one excited for bath time? Take a gander at the Allure Home Creations Safari Animal Bathroom Shower Curtain to bring a fun and kid friendly atmosphere to your restroom, also available in a full bathroom accessories set!

Bathroom Rugs

Nothing pulls a room together quite like a quality rug, and the bathroom is no exception. Our selection of bathroom rugs will be sure to give your restroom some style while keeping your bare feet warm fresh out of the shower! Choose between trends such as floral, nature, animal print, and solid colors depending on your washroom's current vibe! Sneak a peek at this Bacova Sheffield Bath Rug that can really bring some natural beauty to your bathroom, also available with matching accessories such as hand towels and a shower curtain to really bring it all together!

Bath Towels

Have you developed a specific aesthetic for your bathroom, only to find that your usual bath towels are clashing with it? Fear not, because Kohl's sports a wide variety of bath towels for any trend such as stripes, bold, floral, and abstract. Take a look at the Saturday Knight, Ltd. Cubes Bath Towels to create a cool-colored, modern look that creates a subtle, relaxed vibe. Bath towels are also a common item to be found in bathroom sets, so be sure to take a look at our bath towel sets to see where they're included if you're searching for a complete style overhaul for your bathroom!

Bathroom accessories are a necessity for any washroom, so why not let them create a distinct style to match your personality? Peruse Kohl's selection of bathroom accessories to get your restroom in top form with the help of stylish shower curtains, rugs, towels, waste baskets, and all-in-one collections!