Wall Decor for Bathrooms

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Bath Wall Decor Ideas and Inspiration

What one room do your guests almost always spend time, without the guided tour? Yep, the bathroom. For a small room in which we have friends, families and the occasional unexpected guests, spend so much time, our bathrooms should be more beautiful. Kohl's cares enough to deliver delightful decor to your home's bathroom. Our dazzling array of decor for your restroom wall includes bathroom pictures, bathroom decor and bathroom wall decals. Get started by checking out Kohl's Wall Décor and Wall Art for Bathrooms.

Bathroom Decor Signs

Style and substance collide with a collection of rustic sheik signs designed specifically to reside in your restroom. Cheeky reminders to wash, dry and brush those teeth provide a warm, welcoming message for your family bathroom. Let it be your opportunity to inspire guests and family members alike with words of wisdom in your bathroom. Signs, signs everywhere there's signs...Can't you read the signs? Get over to Kohl's Bathroom Essentials to bring the entire bathroom ensemble together.

Functional Flair for the Wall

Form and function provide inviting interior design concepts for your bathroom. Tired of toilet paper rolling around the room? Looking for a place for clean towels? Fret not, Kohl's has got you covered with a festival of form and function for bathroom wall decor. Keep it all organized and off the floor with all of the latest trends from some of the top brands. Link style and color by pairing your functional flair for the bathroom wall with some matching bath mats. Find plenty to keep in your practical wall decor at Kohl's Bathroom Essentials.

Wall Art for the Bathroom

Don't let the living room get all the gallery glory: give the rest to the restroom, including canvas art, metal art, framed art, wall signs and floral art. Your bathroom wall is yet another canvas on exhibit in your home's gallery; don't leave it blank. Don't flush away this perfect opportunity to impress your next house guest. Adorn your restroom walls with Kohl's carefully curated collection of canvas art, metal art, framed art, wall signs and floral art. Tie your lovely restroom decor together with corresponding colors and shapes from our fine selection of bath mats. Get everything you need for your bathroom to flourish, including towels, curtains, rugs and more with Kohl's Bathroom Essentials.

Decorative Mirrors for the Bathroom

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's got the most decorative bathroom decor for all? Kohl's has been reflecting on this subject for quite some time, and we have the fairest deals of all! Looking right back at you with ornate, simple, rustic or trendy designs, it's all just a reflection of your good taste. Take a look in the mirror and we think you'll like what you see in our wall mirrors, floor mirrors, mirrors by shape and makeup mirrors. Reflections of your bathroom decor can be seen infinitely in Kohl's Bathroom Essentials.

Picture Frames for the Bathroom

Photos of family, loved ones, nature scenes and vacation highlights can really bring your bathroom to life. Let Kohl's kick your restroom atmosphere up a notch with our impeccable selection of picture frames for the bathroom. Nothing brightens your smile quite like the faces of friends and family smiling at you while you brush your teeth. Bring it all together with selections from Kohl's Bathroom Essentials.