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Storage Shelves for Bathroom Organization

No matter the size of your bathroom, it's important to have a designated spot to organize your towels, toiletries, soaps, and other essentials. When you're in need of extra storage space in your home, you’re sure to find a wide assortment of bathroom shelves designed to keep your items safe and secure right here! Choose from tables, snug corner units, over-the-toilet storage sets, stand-alone bins, or baskets. Get all the storage items you're looking for at Kohl's!

Where Should Bathroom Shelves Be Placed?

Before heading out to find bathroom shelving, examine your bathroom to target your biggest needs. This will help determine the type of storage shelves you’ll need and where to put them. For example, space saver shelves are a creative, yet subtle way to decorate and organize your bathroom. Tower shelves have a narrow design that can go over any toilet, making them a great addition to small bathrooms with limited space.

What Can You Put on Toilet Shelves?

You can put whatever you need close and on hand on bathroom shelves. Towel bars and over-the-door towel racks with hooks offer hanging storage for towels and clothes, while shelf towers keep your toiletries and essentials within reach. Whether you prefer a shelf right above the sink, under the sink, or above the toilet, you can add more storage in small spaces with ease. You can even leave your beauty items on display with storage racks or carts.

Bathroom Organization & Style

Be sure to also keep your personal style in mind. A sophisticated room requires a tower-style shelf unit with glass shelves and a sturdy base. If you have young children in the home, you likely require something a little more durable. Opt for a solid wood shelf that exudes natural beauty. From small powder rooms to large bathrooms and shower stalls, we’ve got you covered.

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