Beads & Charms for Bracelets

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Beads & Charms

If you're in search of a shiny gift for that special someone, or are just looking to add to your existing jewelry collection, be sure to shop our full line of beads and charms and get that perfect addition that will be sure to brighten anyone's look!

So no matter if you already have a charm bracelet and are just looking to add on, or if you want to begin a complete collection from scratch, Kohl's has everything you need to make a stylish statement!

Bead & Charm Types

Beads and charms come in a wide variety of styles, themes, and designs, ensuring there are plenty of options that will please anyone in search of a new addition to the collection. Some of the more popular styles are inspirational beads and charms. These options feature quotes that offer uplifting messages, religious symbols, and more that help make your bracelet a source encouragement and serenity. These beads make ideal gifts, and are sure to become a favorite!

Other popular choices for almost anyone's bracelet collection are animal-themed charms. These options salute your favorite fuzzy, furry, feathery, or scaly friends! Designed with adorable features, as well as sophisticated touches, animal-themed charms are sure to fit right in to your bead and charm assortment.

One more bead type that covers a wide range of styles and looks is a bead set. These sets offer multiple charms in one convenient grouping, easily adding to your already existing bead collection. The sets available can include everything from simple beads to themed ones as well, with themes including lifestyles (beach bum, music fan, family first, etc.), sports fan, licensed characters, and more! With so many options, there's sure to be a set that's ideal for you!

Individuality Bead Bracelets

Perhaps you're just beginning your journey into the world of charm bracelets and beads. Then you'll have to start out with a bracelet to hold all the charms you'll be collecting through the years!

And you're in luck, as we provide various types of Individuality Bead charm bracelets! These bracelets come in a range of finishes, with different styles of closures and clasps, assuring the perfect one for you is in stock. Some bracelets even come with several beads, giving you a head start as you begin to assemble a compilation of charms.

Other Jewelry Essentials

Aside from beads, charms, and bracelets, Kohl's offers plenty of other jewelry options for you or that special someone.

Necklaces are the best way to accentuate your neck and add some stylish sparkle and shine. As with other forms of jewelry be sure that your necklace does not clash with your earrings, nor your outfit. When wearing statement earrings, consider something subdued like a silver or gold chain. Naturally, the same is true when you're wearing a statement necklace.

In settings where statement necklaces aren't appropriate, but chain necklaces aren't enough, consider a pendant. They often toe the line of both styles very well, and can be easily matched with earrings, rings, and your other accessories.

Rings are another great option because they give the hands some love. Whether it's fine jewelry for high-class events, engagements and weddings, or to make a bold fashion statement, you've got plenty of choices.

If you're set on popping the question, you don't have to settle for the usual diamonds and standard cuts. Between solitaires, round or princess cuts, and halo rings, you'll be able to find the right ring to proclaim your commitment. When you've found the perfect engagement ring, don't forget to come back for your wedding bands. With beautifully crafted rings for her, and subtly stylish bands for him, you can't go wrong.