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A Guide to Bed Skirts

A bed skirt is a piece of decorative fabric that is placed on a bed between the mattress and the box spring. Apart from upping the aesthetics in the bedroom, bed skirts also hide the sides of the box spring and any space underneath the bed that may be used for storage. Whether you're on the market for your first bed skirt or just looking for a replacement, buying a new bed skirt may seem like an overwhelming process. And with all the attention we give our sheets, quilts, duvets and throw pillows, the bed skirt often becomes a forgotten component of our bedding.

But don't worry: it's much simpler than it looks. Here's what you need to know.

Choosing a Bed Skirt Style

Just like bedsheets, there are a variety of bed skirts to choose from.

Tailored bed skirts offer a clean, streamlined look. Not only is this a simple yet stylish tailored option, but you're sure to enjoy the split corners that add visual interest.

Ruffle bed skirts add romantic flair and shabby chic to your room. Although the ruffles flow to make the bed look casual, it exhibits a well put together ensemble. If you have wooden floors and/or wood furniture, this style accents them both with visual enhancement.

Pleated bed skirts create a picture-perfect look. Not only do they exude timeless design but they add that special finishing touch you want.

Eyelet bed skirts feature a charming eyelet trim for a beautiful finish. You'll also enjoy the soft cotton blend that adds a classic texture to your decor.

Finding the Right Size Bed Skirts

It's important to get the right size bed skirts so that they will properly fit your bed. In general, bed skirts should be roughly the same width and length as your box spring/bed frame. So before buying one, you may need to measure your box spring or lower mattress.

While measuring from left to right, you'll find the box spring width. Then, measure from the head of the bed to the foot of the bead to determine the length. You'll also need to measure the drop length, which is the vertical distance between the top of the foundation to the floor.

Bed Skirt Colors & Patterns

When searching for your ideal bed skirt color, try to coordinate the look with your bedspread or bedroom color to create a cohesive bed design. In general, solid colors are a versatile choice. If you select a light color such as white or yellow, be sure that the bed skirt is lined or made of a heavy fabric so as not to show through from under the bed. Additionally, neutral colors provide an advantage because they can be used with a variety of prints and patterns like stripes or floral designs.

Bed Skirt Alternatives

If you've decided that a bed skirt isn't the right look for your room, no problem! There are plenty of alternatives available to complete your bedding look. One option is a bedspread, which is a large decorative sheet that covers the front and sides of the bed. Another go-to is a simple fitted sheet. While it doesn't cover the frame, it does create a streamlined, sleek appearance. It's also readily available to match any color scheme or you can easily change the colors of the sheet as needed.

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