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Bedroom Furniture

Rest assured - you'll enhance the look of your sleeping space with Bedroom Furniture from Kohl's! No matter which of the bedroom furnishings you choose, you'll know that you're getting quality products that are sure to make your bedroom even more inviting! Shop the selection of bedding and decor at Kohl's, and transform your bedroom with ease!

Kohl's has a wide variety of bedroom furnishings to choose from, with many different styles and designs available, including bedroom dressers, beds, and nightstands, so you can be sure you'll find the right bedroom furnishing option you need to suit your home's needs. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the home items you need to make your living space special. Be sure to shop our full line of home decor, furniture, and accessories for all your home needs!

Types of Bedroom Furniture

There are items that you can assume will be a part of your bedroom, no matter what your style may be: a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand are essential to anyone’s bedroom. But the wide variety of styles within each bedroom furniture category is where you can explore your individual style and design.

Let’s start with the most essential part of any bedroom - the bed. Whether you’re choosing a queen, king, or other size option, we offer beds in any style and design. This includes bed frames, headboards, and other structures that support your mattress. For your master bedroom, a bed that features a bookcase headboard can really make a statement, all while offering functional storage.

For spare bedrooms, everything from versatile cots to stylish daybeds are available. You can even pick up a futon for added functionality that acts as both bedding and seating.

Next up is the dresser, an important feature of any bedroom. These items are the primary storage units for your clothing, outside of hanging apparel in your closet. The multiple drawers of a dresser keep your folded clothing items neatly organized. Dressers also provide a top surface that can easily be used to display decorative items, photos, and more.

For additional storage, add nightstands to your bedroom. These smaller tables sit right next to your headboard, providing a perfect place for a lamp, an alarm clock, or your cell phone as it charges overnight. Nightstands may also offer drawer storage for even more functionality.

Other Bedroom Essentials

Aside from picking up a bed frame from Kohl’s, why not also acquire a mattress? Our selection of mattresses features options from brands you know, including Sealy and Serta. We’re sure to have a mattress in the right size you’re looking for, as well as one that provides plenty of support and comfort that will ensure sweet dreams!

Kohl’s also has bedroom benches, which not only offer refined style, but can give your bedroom added storage possibilities. These benches can be hollow inside, giving you a place to easily hold your extra decorative throw pillows or blankets.

And as mentioned before with nightstands, lighting is also essential for your bedroom. Peruse our assortment of lamps, including floor lamps, table lamps, and even fun novelty neon lamps!

Building a bedroom with furniture from Kohl’s is a sure-fire way to create a relaxing oasis from the business of everyday life with ease. With a comfortable bed, some stylish storage, and other essential pieces, you’re bedroom is sure to come together in a way that will offer relaxation and rest!