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Wall Decor for Bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom can be one of the most exciting parts of decorating your home. They say we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so along with a comfortable mattress and pillows, the surrounding bedroom wall décor should be equally as comfortable. When you think of your bedroom, what kind of feeling do you hope to evoke? Do you want it to be calm and relaxing, or is invigorating bedroom wall art more your style? Kohl's has a variety of bedroom wall décor that can transform your space into something lively or tranquil.

Perhaps in addition to your own bedroom, you're looking for guest bedroom wall décor. Keep some things in mind when you are decorating the guest room: form, function and cost effectiveness. Kohl's has great options for affordable bedroom wall art to help you decorate that room in style as well as provide your guests with similar comforts as their own homes.

Looking for bedroom wall art for the kids? You're sure to find a wide breadth of decoration options at Kohl's for children of all ages, from baby rooms to teenagers' rooms, dorm rooms and more. From superheroes to flowers, soft accents and bold statement pieces, find bedroom wall décor for every personality and style.

Bedroom Mirrors

Adding a mirror to your bedroom wall décor can serve the purpose of form and function. Not only can mirrors provide a reflective surface to see yourself when you're getting ready for the day, but they can also incorporate a different texture from the typical framed picture or print. Find mirrors with big, metallic, gorgeous frames to stand out as a focal piece, or place a mirror among the rest of your bedroom wall art in a gallery wall. Larger mirrors can help small bedrooms look bigger, while smaller round mirrors are great for placing by the door for a quick check as you head out of the room.

Wall Decor for Kids' Rooms

Do your kids love animals? What about music or dance? No matter what their interests may be, finding the perfect bedroom wall art for them is simple at Kohl's. Help your child pick out the décor that best fits their personality, whether they want bright primary colors to surround them or soft hues. Surprise them with bedroom wall décor that features an inspirational quote so they can remember to be confident and dream big. Does your little tyke like planes, trains and automobiles? Find bedroom wall art to support those interests. Is your child a gymnast? Discover gymnast wall décor that can keep them inspired to pursue their goals. If you're helping the kids make a statement during their first semester in college, they may want to include some of the superhero wall art that they've always loved. While the kids still live in your house, you can help them bring out their individuality in their bedrooms.

Bedroom Wall Art

Instill a sense of elegance—or modern style—with artistic accents in your bedroom. Pieces of canvas wall art from Kohl's come in a range of artistic styles that can grace your bedroom or the guest room. Combine pieces of art with photos of friends and loved ones, mirrors and more. Wake up to inspirational words like “Live, Laugh, Love,” with a canvas print or a hanging wooden sign. Floral art can be soothing or invigorating; pale blues, greens and yellows can instill the feeling of calm, while bright reds, oranges and pinks can stimulate. Hang framed art above your bed or dresser to help you make a statement. With artistic bedroom wall décor, you can take the minimalist or maximalist approach.

Functional Bedroom Wall Decor

To help you maximize space, adding functional bedroom wall décor is imperative. This often includes things like hooks, shelving, boxes and more. Smaller spaces and guest bedrooms especially can use the additional storage, but that doesn't mean it has to look functional. Many hooks, cubbies and shelves blend into the rest of the bedroom wall art. Additionally, you may find that some hook setups feature a shelf as well, so you can add more decorations to it like plants (fake or real!), framed photos, statuettes or whatever you'd like. Use a combination shelf-cubby-hook set to have a place to hold a picture frame, store some books and hang your jacket or purse in your bedroom.