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Living Room Bench Seating

Looking to add a classic touch to your home? It's easy to blend function and form with the range of living room benches available at Kohl's.

Whether you are looking for just another place to sit, or a cozy conversation area from which your guests will never want to leave, living room bench seating is the easiest way to add style, color and comfort to your family room, bedroom or den. In fact, with high-backed scroll designs that harken to the golden age of design to modern, minimalist benches that blend into any decor, we wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to build additional rooms onto your house, just so you can showcase all of the seating options you love.

Maybe you'd like a black bench to contrast against the soft white leather sofa in your formal living room? Or an eye-catching blue bench to add that perfect pop of color to the corner of your den? Or maybe you just need a small space to stop and put your shoes on before you head out into the world each day? No matter your bench seating needs, we're sure you're going to love our wide assortment of living room benches.

In fact, with the plush, yet practical, designs of baxton studio benches, you can easily add pizzazz to any area of your home.