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Fun Bikes for the Whole Family

There's nothing better than long rides, feeling the wind in your face, and exploring the great outdoors. Adventure awaits and bikes from Kohl’s are your mode of transportation. Our wide selection of bikes is sure to have just what you need to get around town, the trails, or wherever your wheels might take you. Be sure to shop for bicycles and tricycles for the smallest members of your family. Choosing the right bike for your child is crucial for ensuring that they can ride safely and with confidence. Shop Kohl's for all your outdoor sports needs.

What Size Bike Does Your Child Need?

Much like clothing, children need a bike that looks nice and feels comfortable. Therefore, it’s imperative to find a bike that properly fits your kiddo. After all, a bike that’s too large will be difficult to ride and control. Conversely, a bicycle that’s too small might cause them to feel cramped. The general rule of thumb is to use a size chart, but if you don’t have one, you can use this as a guide:

  • Wheel Size: 12” Age: 2-3 Height: 2’10”-3’4”
  • Wheel Size: 14” Age: 3-4 Height: 3’5”-3’7”
  • Wheel Size: 16” Age: 4-5 Height: 3’7”-4’0”
  • Wheel Size: 20” Age: 5-8 Height: 4’0”-4’5”
  • Wheel Size: 24” Age: 8-11 Height: 4’5”-4’9”

Types of Bikes

Whether your kiddo is just learning to ride or they’re already a biking professional, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality bikes ranging from toddler push bikes to teenager all-purpose bikes. When it comes to finding a bike, there are many factors to consider:

  • Who is the bike for?
  • Do you want a bike to simply ride up and down the street or around the park?
  • Do you need an off-road bike for rough terrain?

Whatever the activity and wherever the location is, there's a bike for that.

BMX Bikes

Off-road sport bikes used for racing and stunt riding.


Single-speed bikes perfect for relaxed jaunts around town.

Mountain Bikes

A bike designed for rough terrain and hiking trails.

Road Bikes

Bicycles built for traveling on paved roads.


Three-wheeled vehicles for young children.

Bikes rides are fun for the whole family and promote an active lifestyle. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the toys and sporting goods you need to add excitement to your everyday activities.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, get out, and get moving!

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