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Black Rugs

Add sophisticated style to your home by incorporating a black rug from Kohl’s into your decor! A black rug easily coordinates with your existing decor, allowing you to upgrade the look of any room in your home with ease.

Shop Kohl’s for all your home furnishings and decor needs, including rugs in a wide variety of colors! With decor from Kohl’s, your home will be welcoming to friends and family, and offer a stylish and comfortable place to kick back and relax!

Features of Black Area Rugs

Black area rugs are great for use in rooms in your home which feature white or light-colored walls. As dark colors can make a space feel smaller, the light walls will help balance that out and make the space feel just the right size!

Another feature of a black area rug is its ability to hide stans, dirt, and debris. This is ideal for those who have young children running around, or pets as part of the family, too. However, you’ll want to know just how to clean your rug to keep it looking great and to remove any visible stains or dirt when it starts to show.

How to Clean a Black Area Rug

  • Gather supplies - rug shampoo or mild dish soap, a vaccum, a bucket, a soft bristle brush, and warm water.
  • Vacuum the rug all over, and on both sides, removing any and all loose debris.
  • Prepare cleaning solution - if using rug shampoo, follow directions on the bottle. If you’re using mild dish soap, add some soap to a bucket filled with warm (not hot) water.
  • Test the cleaning solution in a corner to ensure its safe use on your rug. If the color does not run, you're good to go.
  • Using the soft-bristle brush, scrub the cleaning solution into a lather on the rug. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the rug for five minutes before rinsing.
  • Rinse the rug off with a garden hose or buckets of clean water. Continue rinsing until the water that runs off is clear and free of any soap solution.
  • Remove excess water from the rug by using a wet-dry vacuum or squeegee. Lay the rug out to completely dry on both sides.
  • Once it’s fully dried, return the rug to its usual location and vacuum the rug to revive any flattened or compacted fibers.

With a black area rug from Kohl’s, your home is set to great and offer a welcoming place for friends and family to gather. Find all your home decor essentials at Kohl’s, and get ready to craft a space everyone’s sure to love!