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Window Blinds

Your home decor makes a strong statement about you, your family and your personal style and one of the most overlooked elements of a home's decor is its windows. Windows serve a valuable and necessary purpose. They allow natural light into our homes and make us feel connected to nature and to the outside world while still enjoying the warmth and security of our personal spaces. But without the proper decor, the windows of our homes can become more of an eyesore than a means to naturally light the indoors and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. So when it's time to decorate your home's windows, you'll get the very best in both form and function when you shop the extensive collection of window blinds from Kohl's!

When you shop Kohl's wide selection of window coverings you're sure to find just the right decor for the windows in your home. Choose from cordless window blinds or the unique look of bamboo window blinds. And if you're hoping to keep your room cool and the sunlight out, check out our variety of blackout window shades. You'll find all the home decor items you need to match your individual style when you shop Kohl's.

Cordless Window Blinds

Even the best looking and easiest to use window blinds can have that one feature that gets in the way - the pull cord. The pull cord becomes our best friend because it allows us to pull the blinds open when we want to let natural light in to start our day and to pull them closed when it's time to hunker down for the evening. But let's be honest, that cord can become something of a nuisance. When it becomes tangled or the individual cords become separated, it can be frustrating to untangle or to re-center. And in some cases, they can even be somewhat unsightly. So what's the solution? Cordless window blinds of course. Cordless window blinds open and close easily by raising and lowering the bottom rail and feature the same wand tilt as corded blinds for easy light control. And Kohl's has a wide selection of cordless blinds to match or set the decor in any room in your home.

Blackout Curtains

We all know that it's that little bit of natural light streaming into the otherwise dark room through thin or loose curtains that can make getting a little extra sleep in the morning or taking that long-awaited afternoon nap very difficult. When that happens, it probably means it's time to replace your current window treatments with a set of blackout curtains or shades from Kohl's! The benefits of blackout curtains, however, go beyond simply darkening the room in which they're hung. Many styles of blackout shades feature a cordless design that makes opening and closing them easy, make the shades safer for homes with small children and pets, and provide a more appealing look. They're also more energy efficient and can help you save money on your monthly energy bill.

The windows in your home don't have to be just for utilitarian purposes. They can and should be as decorative and attractive to your family and your guests as any other part of your home. And when you shop Kohl's full collection of window blinds, you're sure to find exactly the right fit, style, and design for every room in your home. Whether you're looking for a simple design just to liven up a guest room or you want to ensure minimal natural light for those wonderful sleep-in days that everybody loves, you'll find the best for your living space at Kohl's!

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