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What is Bohemian Style?

If you're interested in home décor trends, you might be asking yourself exactly “what is bohemian style?” Don't worry, Kohl's has you covered with tons of Boho décor ideas!

Bohemian style is pleasantly layered. It's up to you how many décor pieces you have in your house, but generally Bohemian home décor incorporates more pieces overall to create a cozy, eclectic atmosphere. This can be done with overlapping textures and patterns, combining earthy wooden furniture and a variety of colors. Other aspects you can incorporate are low-lying furniture, bright colors, artistic accessories and strategically placed mirrors. The goal is to create an atmosphere where worldliness meets the comforts of home. Ultimately, Bohemian décor is all about making a comfortable space customized to your tastes. You don't have to stick exactly to what articles say Bohemian style is, but feel free to choose what looks best to you.

Explore our interior decorating supplies with these Bohemian décor ideas, and create the design that best fits your personality. With a little help from Kohl's, you can find the perfect pieces that match your style.

Bohemian Home Décor

If you are thoroughly against the minimalist design movement, you might find yourself in the internet research rabbit-hole and searching for “what is Bohemian style?” Bohemian décor incorporates a variety of patterns, textures and wood materials to create a soft, inviting design. Browse through the Kohl's collection for Boho décor to add to your space!

Bohemian Rugs

An easy first step to implement your Bohemian décor ideas is picking out some Bohemian rugs. You can easily add texture and pattern to your space with rugs. Alternate texture, patterns and colors with layered rugs. This makes for an ultra-comfy space that instantly feels welcoming to visitors. Even slightly clashing patterns can work—they just add to the Bohemian feel.

Bohemian Decorative Pillows and Chair Pads

Another simple Bohemian décor idea is incorporating decorative pillows and chair pads into your home design. Fill your couch with decorative pillows of all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Bohemian styled pillows focus on combinations of primary colors and whites and tie in motifs from cultures around the world. These pillows will add another layer of pattern and color to your décor. You can keep your furniture rather plain and still craft a Bohemian style if you accent your house with pillows, rugs and wall décor.

Geometric Home Décor

Geometric patterns are widespread and can fit into a variety of home design styles. It's also a design you can incorporate into your Boho décor. They tie together Bohemian rugs, pillows and wall décor. They can all include geometric designs that highlight Bohemian styles. These home décor items are stable repeating patterns that add some visual interest to your home but don't add too much chaos.

Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture supplies a valuable stabilizing agent to the creative chaos of the Bohemian décor pieces in your house. Try a beautifully crafted wooden coffee table or entertainment system to accent your Bohemian décor. Wood furniture also matches well with most colors and adds further warmth to the room. Browse our wood furniture collection to find the perfect accent for your Bohemian styled décor.

Distressed Home Décor

If you're still a bit uncertain how to create a Boho décor plan, browse our distressed home décor selection to find more Bohemian décor ideas. Distressed home décor is one of the hallmarks of Bohemian design. You can just imagine a world-weary traveler bringing back treasured antiques and unique furniture pieces from around the world on their journeys. Distressed décor pieces look slightly weather-beaten and well-used, so you can create the impression that the décor has been around a while. You can even pull in decorations from your own travels to accent these!

Bohemian Wall Décor

The final step to setting up your Bohemian designed home is to pick out some Bohemian wall décor. It doesn't have to all look the same or follow the same rules. A collection of varied and unique pieces will help create a Bohemian, lived-in feel. Investigate embossed metal panels with wooden frames and metal mirrors. Both glass and metal give a classic, sophisticated impression to elevate your design. You can also go the other direction and try for something quirky with animal portraits or original art.