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Boho Rugs

If you’re looking to add some bold, colorful, and timeless elements to your home’s decor, look no further than the selection of boho-chic rugs at Kohl’s! The bohemian style of home decor allows you to express your personal style with ease, allowing you to showcase bright, exciting colors, neutral hues for a relaxed feel, or earthy tones to connect with nature.

No matter how you go about it, adding a boho-chic feel to your home can bring out the best of your decor. Shop for home essentials from Kohl’s, and create a living space that will take your home to the next level!

How to Decorate a Room with a Boho Rug

Since bohemian-style rugs come in a wide variety of looks, adding one to your home all comes down to your personal preferences. Do you want a colorful look? How about a boho style that evokes regional appeal? You can do it all with the collection of boho rugs available at Kohl’s!

One of the ways to use a boho rug is to add lots of bright color to your living space. For simple styling, look for a boho rug that incorporates colors from items already found in the room you’re looking to add the rug to.

As for regional looks using a boho rug, consider options with geometric shapes that might evoke the decor of the Southwest United States, intricate designs that harken back to turn-of-the-century Parisian looks, and many more.

For the ultimate in boho appeal, look for rugs made from natural materials, like jute, bamboo, or other fibers. These rugs help you provide a look and feel that connects with nature, and they also offer neutral tones that easily coordinate with lots of other decorative items like planters, vases, and furniture pieces.

With all these styling options to consider, you can feel confident that Kohl’s will have whatever boho rug you need to complete your home decor makeover! From colorful options to neutral choices that suit any room in your home, our line of bohemian rugs is sure to have just the item you need to bring the whole look together!