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Baby Blankets for Boys

Designed with you and baby in mind, our boy’s baby blankets swaddle your little guy in warmth and comfort. You’ll keep him cozy with baby blankets, receiving blankets, and swaddle blankets - all available in adorable prints and modern patterns. The best baby and infant blankets feature a soft, plush lining that is soft on baby's gentle skin. The practice of swaddling, or wrapping a light blanket snuggly around a baby, is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to help calm a crying baby. So whether you’re swaddling, burping, or cuddling your little one, our baby blankets for boys are sure to meet your needs.

When Can Babies Start Using Blankets?

You can use a receiving blanket to wrap your baby right away. However, it’s recommended that you don’t use a blanket inside of a baby's crib until they are at least one years old. It’s at this age when most children have the strength and dexterity to roll over and move blankets away from their faces as needed. Your child may also begin to adopt a favorite blanket as a security, comfort, or transitional object at that time.

What to Look for in a Blanket

You can keep your child comfortable by dressing them in warm clothing rather than using a blanket until they are one or older. Once your child is of age, there are few safety features and materials you should look out for while shopping around for covers:

  • Length - Start with a blanket that’s relatively small and covers the baby from the torso down.
  • Material - Opt for breathable material like cotton in case the blanket covers their face.
  • Weight - To prevent your child from overheating, choose a lightweight blanket for the right amount of warmth.

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