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Boy's Dress Shoes

Weddings, holidays, graduations and other formal occasions mean two things: one, he's expected to attend and two, he's gotta look top notch. He might not like it but, hey, it's ok to look handsome. That means shopping for shoes. Where to start? Take a look at Kohl's devilishly handsome assortment of Boys' dress shoes. He might even enjoy himself at Aunt Edna's wedding...who knows? Get started by figuring out what size your growing boy has become.

Quick Start Shoe Shopping for Boys:

  • It's simple: size him up and start with the handy Kids' Shoe Size Chart and you'll be off and running to getting him off and running.
  • Next, be sure to check out the ultra-convenient Kids' Shoe Sizing Guide that will save you a car ride (and the usual hassles).
  • Then, use Kohl's easy-to-navigate Boys' Shoe Page to organize shoes by age and size.

Boys' Oxfords

Sharp-dress your young man with this regal, laced-up formal footwear. The defining characteristic of Oxford shoes nowadays is the exposed ankle, low heel and closed lacing system. The polished sophistication of the oxford shoe will be sure to show the crowd how gentlemanly your boy has become.

Boys' Loafers

Noted in the 1930's, the loafers we know today supported the feet of local fishermen in Norway. He may not be ready for a life at sea, but your boy won't be caught loafing in these gentlemanly loafers, far from it: in fact, these comfy classics are ideal for brisk walks between ceremony and reception, graduation and congratulations. Great for formal or casual wear with easy slip on and off for the quick transition back to his beloved sneakers.

Boys' Shoes for Wedding and Formal Occasions

Outfit him to impress the whole wedding crowd, including grandparents and that one family who flew in from Ohio that nobody seems to know. Who knows, if he likes the shoes maybe he'll wear them to the first day of school and impress his new teacher.

Shoe Shopping Tips to Remember

Measuring His Feet:

  • Your child should be barefoot.
  • Position his or her heel firmly on the heel line.
  • Press toes flat against base of sizer.
  • See the line that the longest toe touches for shoe size.
  • Measure both feet, since one foot may be larger than the other.
  • Purchase the size that fits the largest foot.

Kohl's Shoe Guide

  • A great resource for outfitting the whole families' feet

Shop Boys' Shoes by Age/Size

Looking to complete your boy's footwear arsenal? Complete the collection simply by sorting shoes by age and size.

Baby Boys

Get your baby boy bouncing in first footwear in sizes 1-4


Take your toddler to the next level in sizes 5-10

Little Kids

Level up your growing boy in sizes 11-3

Big Kids

Outit Mr. Big's feet in sizes 4-7

Shoes by Occasion

Shopping shoes for a specific event? Get him looking great for graduation, the first day of school or whatever special occasion that awaits your bounding boy.


Keep his happy feet happy with a wide selection of runners, climbers and rompers.


Versatile footwear options for neighborhood fun, lazy days and daily treading.


Ensure he shines at the important events in your life with snazzy styles.


He'll by on track with these trend-setting trekkers.


Help him put his best foot forward with all-purpose shoes that are too-cool for school!


Don't let old man winter slow down your youngster: keep him warmed-up as temperatures drop.