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Baby, it gets cold outside. Don't let old man winter slow down your young man. Fortunately, Kohl's Boys' coats and jackets will keep him covered: and since he's got places to go, let it snow! Equipped in Kohl's selection of hoodies, jackets and coats, your boy's winter wonderland adventure will continue in style and warmth. Even if your climate only offers a cold rain and wind, Kohl's captures the comfort with hoodies, windbreakers, coats and jackets for all seasons.

We get it: he's a growing boy and his coat size changes every season. It can be hard to keep up with his changing height and evolving styles; Kohl's has got you, and him, covered. Read on for some easy steps to ensure your seasonal coats and jackets shopping can keep him with your ever-evolving boy.

Making the Search for Boys' Coats & Jackets Easy

It's best to begin your coat or jacket search by checking Kohl's Size Charts to ensure your Boys' Coat or Jacket fits your growing boy. Read below to get a coat or jacket with the right fit. Keep in mind that the size charts are general guides that may include sizes that are currently unavailable for certain products; additionally, each child is unique and the perfect fit may take more than one try.

Boys' Coats & Jackets Size Charts

Baby Boys & Toddler Boys

A boy's first coat or jacket is a big deal: keeping your bundle of joy cozy and warm through his first winter is of great import. Make sure your boys' first coat or jacket allows for comfort and ease of movement so he enjoys his inaugural big chill in style. Most of all, make sure the coat or jacket fits, age newborn through toddler.

Carter's / Oshkosh B'gosh Size Chart
 Weight (.lbs)Height (in.)
PreemieUp to 6Up to 17"
3 mo.8-12.521.5-24"
6 mo.12.5-16.524-26.5"
9 mo.16.5-20.526.5-28.5"
12 mo.20.5-24.528.5-30.5"
18 mo.24.5-27.530.5-32.5"
24 mo.27.5-3032.5-34.5"

Little Boys

Age 4-7 is an ideal era for wintertime fun: shield him from the elements in style and flexibility with perfect fit.

Size Chart

Big Boys

Ok, so he is not such a cute and cuddly character anymore, but your big boy still needs a coat or jacket to protect him from the wind, rain and snow. Make sure his great growth spurt is covered by the right size.

Size Chart

*Size chart is a general guide. It may include sizes that are unavailable for this item.

Boys' Coats & Jackets Features

Hooded Jackets & Coats

Perfect to grab and go during variable weather periods, hooded jackets are practical and stylish for your growing boy.

Raincoats & Water-Resistant

Kohl's offers ready raincoats and water-resistant jackets and coats to keep your young man going strong whatever Mother Nature offers.

Windbreakers & Wind-Resistant

Kohl's delivers windbreakers and wind-resistant jackets in the latest styles that will ensure your boy runs like, not from, the wind.

Accessorize Your Boys' Winter Coat & Jacket

Boys' Boots

Make sure your Boy's feet are comfortable and covered through wind, rain and snow.

Boys Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

Keep his feet right and ready to run throughout all of creation with the latest styles in sneakers.

Boys' Activewear

Flexible, breathable layers provide essential warmth and comfort for all of his outdoor adventures.

Boys Hoodies & Sweatshirts Kids Tops

Hustling boys love to shed layers, so make sure he's got a sturdy selection of sweatshirts and hoodies to keep warm and running for all seasons.

Boys' Underwear & Socks

Outdoor comfort and temperature control begins with the basics: make sure he's properly layered to brave the great outdoors.