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Boys' Pajamas

Does your little guy get too hot or too cold in the nighttime, or are you just looking for a replacement for his favorite jammies that he's grown out off? Either way, you can rest assured, you'll find just what you're looking for when it comes to his bedtime attire when shopping the full line of boys pajamas at Kohl's. From licensed character designs to soft fabrics, boys' pajamas at Kohl's send your little one off to bed in style and comfort. We also have various sizes available so you can make sure your little one has pajamas that aren't too big and that he won't grow out of too fast!

One Piece Pajamas

Worried that he might be getting too cold at night and keeping him from getting a good night's sleep? That's the most important thing, after all is said and done. If so, you may want to peruse our selection of boys' one piece pajamas to make sure they're cozy during those winter nights! Especially ideal for little ones in the toddler age, these pajamas come in a variety of different designs, such as striped, animal print, and graphic designs! For example, you can shop onesies such as these Toddler Boy Carter's Sports Footed Pajamas, perfect for any son on the sporty side! Take a look at our selection of one piece pajamas to keep your child snug!

Pajama Sets

Are you looking to give them a more consistent look for bedtime, or maybe you just want to take a convenient route? Either way, perusing our collection of pajama sets may provide the answers you're looking for. Pajama sets are geared more towards sizes 8-20, but also come in sizes for smaller kids, too! They're also multi-purpose, as they are more versatile and can be worn in most climates! Sift through our wide array of options that fit the needs of your little one, such as long or short sleeves. Kohl's has pajama sets that have bold, fun, and colorful designs that are sure to match whatever interests your little guy may have, such as football, basketball, video games, or their favorite TV shows! Is he a fan of Pokemon? Check out this Boys Pokemon Pajama Set to get him excited for bedtime!


Maybe you're looking to treat your son to the finer things of life. For a more elegant look, take a look at our lineup of boys' robes! He'll be sure to look forward to his new comfy piece of sleepwear, made from super absorbent terry cloth. Ranging in sizes for any age, these are great for those who find their child getting cold out of the bath or at night quickly. Take a peek at the Linum Home Textiles Kids Hooded Terry Bathrobe, providing warmth and comfort, perfect for after bathtime and just before bedtime!

Your child's bedtime comfort is important for a good night's sleep, and Kohl's has what you need to get him there! Whether he'd prefer one piece pajamas, a set of pajamas, or a robe, our selection of boys' pajamas is sure to please and ensure that he's cozy for bedtime!