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Bubble Machines and Sidewalk Art

As a kid was there anything better than warm weather, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk? No! Well, maybe the ice cream truck driving by but not much else! Give your kids those same great summertime memories. Kohl's has an amazing assortment of bubble machines and everything you need to make great sidewalk art!

A simple bottle of bubbles is sure to be a lot fun but you can take the fun to another level with bubble machines. Now you can make bubbles in fun toys like a bubble lawnmower. Bubble machines are especially great for toddlers since bubble creation isn't reliant on their ability to blow through the right part of the bubble wand!

Look for bubbles and chalk in Little Tikes outdoor play toys. Sidewalk chalk is perfect for any kid since the possibilities of what they can create are endless. They'll have an amazing time creating sidewalk art masterpieces or building a court for an exciting game of foursquare. Pick up a plenty pack of Crayola sidewalk chalk and your kids will be set for the summer. For a fun, new way to make sidewalk art, check out sidewalk paint. They'll be able to make their vision come to life quickly with Roseart sidewalk paint.

Take play time outside with one of the many other outdoor toys we offer! Encouraging active play, our outdoor toys keep your little one moving and having fun! Whether your child likes to swing on a swing set, slide down a slide, or ride around on a supercool vehicle, we have it covered!

To create great warm weather memories, come to Kohl's for bubble machines and all your sidewalk art needs.