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Elevate the decor of any room in your home with stunning new candelabras from Kohl’s! Our wide variety of Candelabras offers many elegant options to choose from, so you'll find just the decor item you need to create a space you're sure to love. Perfect for any season or any decor, a candelabra is just what you need to set the stage for any dinner party or family get-together. Shop the selection of home essentials at Kohl's, and bring your home's appeal to a whole new level!

How to Decorate with Candelabras

While simply adding a candelabra to your home is enough to enhance the look and feel of any room, there are a few design tips to take into consideration when looking for a candle holder that’s right for your living space.

Candelabras can hold a range of individual candles, anywhere from a single candle to upwards of 10 or more. Candelabras that hold fewer candles are ideal for smaller surfaces or spaces. Perhaps a side table, small shelf, or coffee table would be the right place for one of these options.

Larger candelabras can be the main focal point of bigger, more open surfaces. This makes candelabras a great option for use as centerpieces on dining room tables. You can also put larger candelabras in more interesting places, such as in the fireplace, to give off the illusion of a warming fire without all the smoke, logs, and constant attention one requires.

Candelabras are great ways to usher in the holiday season as well, as you’re sure to find that perfect candle holder that will grace your festive celebrations throughout the season. Holiday candelabras not only display candles, but they include such accents as decorative pine branches, poinsettias, pine cones, holly berries, and more! When illuminated, these candelabras offer a stunning ambience that sets the mood for your cozy family soiree.

Candelabras are also available as decor for other holidays and events, too! Easter, Thanksgiving, weddings, and more are all great occasions to incorporate candelabras!

So be sure to shop Kohl’s for all your home decor needs, including a wide range of candles and candle holders! With a new candelabra in your home, you’re sure to illuminate your next party with ease!