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Handheld Card and Dice Games

Discover our selection of fun handheld card & dice games that are the perfect games to travel with! These games are great to take with you in the car or on a plane. They'll make the time it takes to get to your destination go by fast. They'll also come in handy if your beach day gets rained out and you're bored while stuck in the hotel room. Kohl's has a great assortment of card and dice games to make sure that every moment of your vacay is memorable!

Bring along a poker chip set. This will not only be fun for those who know how to play poker but also ensure you have an extra deck of cards to enjoy simpler games like Go Fish or War. Cribbage sets, although usually with just one deck, also pull double duty. Play an exciting game of cribbage or use the cards for whatever you'd like. An UNO card game is perfect for both kids and adults. This beloved card game will be impossible to put down. Not sure any of these will capture the attention of your little ones? This entertaining Pokémon Hedbanz game will have everyone in laughter as you try and guess "who you are".

If you're looking for great handheld card and dice games, Kohl's has got you covered!