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Cast Iron Saucepans, Fry Pans & More

Whether you're a beginner cook or a professional chef, you need top rated cookware to help you create the perfect dishes. Kohl’s is the place to find high-quality cast iron saucepans and fry pans in which you can cook up your next masterpiece! With cast iron pans, you can sauté, sear, bake, or slow-cook your favorite meals. Choose pre-seasoned cast iron for recipes that require high heat and enameled cast iron for recipes that require a slow, even heat.

No matter what you’re looking for, we have an amazing assortment of pots, pans, and other cooking essentials that you require to create delicious meals for the whole family!

Are Cast Iron Pans Nonstick?

The powerhouses of all kitchen equipment, cast iron pans, skillets, and griddles boast a natural nonstick coating when properly seasoned. When seasoned well, cast iron will be stick-resistant and require no additional oil. This nonstick surface is free of synthetic chemicals and requires fewer oils than aluminum or stainless steel options.

Our cast iron saucepans feature durable cast iron construction that ensures years of easy gourmet cooking, making it a must-have for every home chef. The enameled cast iron ensures heat distribution and retention, while the exterior promises easy cleaning. From stove to oven, cast iron cookware is well worth the investment.

Caring for Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron retains heat for a long period of time and food will continue to cook even after the heat is turned off. That’s why it’s important to remove food from the cookware immediately after or right before it reaches the desired internal temperature. Here are a few other ways to help maintain your skillets look and performance:

  • Immediately after use, wipe out the pan with an oiled towel or cloth.
  • To avoid rust, always dry immediately when the pan is wet.
  • Sprinkle salt into the dry pan, scrub and wipe clean to remove food residue.
  • Do not use steel wool, coarse scouring pads, or powder to scrub.

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