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Don't Skip on Chain Necklaces

Are chain necklaces out of fashion?

Ah, the chain necklace. Pop culturally ubiquitous with mob bosses and low riders. But what if that was just a stylized thing, and chains were actually a viable fashion accessory? Well, you're in luck because they are. Chains are some of the oldest jewelry choices out there, and there's a reason they've stuck around so long.

They're simple.

That might seem obvious, but you can never discount simplicity. Simplicity is the key to making an outfit great. If it's too loud with too much going on, sometimes it just doesn't work. The best way to make an outfit shine is to mix some complex and simple elements together, and the chain necklace can be your outfit's ringer.

Why should you wear them?

It's not so much a question of why you should wear a chain necklace, but when. Which is to say basically all the time! Levity aside, chain necklaces are extremely versatile, because of their simplicity. While they may not be the best pick for a black tie event , it's certainly great for business scenarios, when having a little bit of metallic pop can go a long way. It was said earlier that the chain necklace can be the ringer for your outfit, and that wasn't an exaggeration. If you're prioritizing simple wrist wear, and aren't sure you want to mess around with earrings, a chain necklace with a matching metal can immediately secure that feeling of cohesion for the outfit.

Why should you wear them?

Because they're truly versatile.

Choosing your chain

Putting together your outfit is fairly simple since a chain necklace can usually fit with anything. If you need to give your outfit a touch more personality, consider threading your chain with a pendant, ring, or some sort of decorative piece of metal. Since the chain is so simple there's not a lot of frills, and it's ripe for some combo action.

Gold chains

Gold chains usually come to mind when you think of chain necklaces. Gold is bright, eye catching, and has an air of regality to it. If you're looking for the classically classy look, definitely consider a gold chain. Gold can compliment your clothes better and add a pop of color when necessary. If you're especially into wearing expensive jewelry you have several different karat options with Kohl's selection.

Silver chains

If you're not as thrilled with the thought of sporting gold, consider a sterling silver chain instead. These are obviously more muted, but have a beautifully sterile sheen to them. These are a phenomenal choice for the business dresser and those who wear colors that gold doesn't match well with. If you match this with other silver jewelry options you're in for a real visual treat.

Jewelry options to go with your chain


Earrings are some of the oldest jewelry staples in human history. Many times they go unnoticed, but it's the subtle things that often works in your favor. Earrings always serve to accent the face in one of two ways. Studs draw the gaze to the eyes. Hanging earrings draw the gaze downward to emphasize the jawline.


Do you need something less reserved? Consider finishing off your outfit with some fashion rings! When it comes to hand jewelry you don't need to worry about how they look with your earrings and necklaces, just be sure that they work with your outfit and you'll be set. If you're looking for finer rings, Kohl's has those too.


In a professional setting, consider a subtle metal bracelet that won't be distracting to yourself, and others. Choosing a metal bracelet also complements the business aesthetic nicely because your bracelet isn't giving off a casual vibe. When it comes to more casual fare, you've got tons of options. From gold chains to leather and statement bracelets, there's a style for everyone.