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Chokers: When Necklaces Don't Make the Cut

What's up with chokers?

Chokers may have fallen out of fashion for a little while, but rest assured, they are back and they are trendy. They've certainly been around for a while and moved throughout fashion to different aesthetics. In the 90s, it was an accessory relegated to the fringes: punk culture took hold of the accessory and it was often considered edgy and wasn't compatible with a lot of styles. Fast forward to today, and you may find that not a lot has changed.

Except that it totally has. You see, chokers are far more acceptable, even chic. It seems like every old style is getting a second wave of love these days. You can hear it rising up in you, though. That voice that wants to ask "why not just wear a necklace?"

Glad you asked. You see, necklaces always hang low. This is great for a lot of outfits, and for drawing attention to your top. Ah, now you see! It's the difference between accentuating your top or wider cut neckline, and your actual neck. Jewelry is always used to draw the eye, which means the placement is important: stud earrings direct the gaze to your eyes, while dangling earrings accentuate the jawline. Rings and bracelets highlight your fingers and wrists respectively. Chokers draw the eyes to your neck, and accentuate any exposed skin from the neck down. Kohl's offers a great selection of chokers for your everyday fashion needs.

Styling your choker

Taking a look at your closet, you may be a bit confused about how a choker actually fits with your wardrobe. When you think "chokers", you probably have an image of a leather band with spikes or just a thick black bar. However, that's just two of many styles for a choker. Kohl's has far more to offer than punk varieties.

The art of guiding the gaze

Before getting into the varieties, it's important to understand the size of your choker. Some of this will certainly come down to the outfit or look you're going for. However, the general rule of thumb is if you have a long neck, you can wear thicker chokers, whereas those with shorter necks should go for thinner.

You've probably got that one dress with a plunging neckline, or maybe another that shows off your legs. Unfortunately, you haven't worn them for a while, for a number of reasons. Well you're in luck because a choker might be the best reason you've had to take it for a spin. Because of how your clothing and accessories guide the gaze, that dress with the plunge will look that much better. The choker will catch the eye first, which will then accentuate your neck and allow the eye to trail from a point, rather than just starting and stopping at the plunge.

Likewise, with the dress that shows off your legs, the choker serves as a way to remind the eye where to travel to. Naturally, when your legs are bearing their full glory, the eye is going to find them first. Yet, the choker should tell the eye to quickly appreciate the dress, then move to your neck and face. Like many of your other accessories, the choker is not usually designed to steal the show. It's meant to be an accent and guide to accentuate your beauty.

With that said, there are statement chokers. These are always great when you've got no time for subtlety, or if you need to accomplish a certain look. For casual looks, try something more low key like a thin chain choker, a wrap choker, or even a simple lace choker. Pulling off a choker comes down to picking the right one, and throwing off the right vibe for the day.

If you're ever unsure about which styles you want to pick up, give a choker set a try. These feature many different styles to go with several different outfits. While not always ideal for those who are experienced with chokers, it's an amazing starting point for anyone unsure about the venture.

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