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Jewelry on Clearance Sale

Give that special someone a gift they will love with clearance jewelry from Kohl's! With plenty of gorgeous options to choose from that won't break the bank, jewelry on clearance is sure to be just the thing you need for yourself or someone on your list. Find all the jewelry and accessories you're looking for at Kohl's!

Clearance Earrings

Earrings are one of the oldest jewelry staples in human history. While they may go unnoticed sometimes, they always serve to accent the face. In general, studs draw the gaze to the eyes while drop earrings draw the gaze downward to emphasize the jawline. Although there are so many different styles of earrings to choose from (e.g. hoops, studs and drops) the objective remains the same: saving money while still looking absolutely fabulous. Earrings on clearance are the perfect way to emphasize and accentuate your features at a fraction of the cost.

Clearance Rings

No matter what price or style you're looking for, you'll find just what you need to shine in style. Choose from a variety of colors including silver, rose gold, white gold and more to adorn yourself or convey your love in an awe-inspiring way:

  • Engagement rings - When you need a gift to show that special someone how much they mean to you, give your love an unforgettable memory with a gorgeous engagement ring.
  • Stackable rings - As a unique trend in jewelry, you can stack two or more rings on a single finger to express your pizzazz and creativity. You can choose how to stack them, how many rings to stack, and which fingers to wear them on for endless styling possibilities.
  • Fashion rings - When you just want an accessory that adds sparkle and shine to your ensemble, fashion rings are the perfect addition. Express your individuality with a beautiful fashion ring everywhere you go.

Clearance Bracelets

Now's the time to shop Kohl's clearance for all of your bracelet needs. From elegant to contemporary, our bracelets include bangles, clasps, cuffs, and various other styles for every occasion. Looking for a style that will take you from a chic daytime look to a sophisticated nighttime ensemble? Go for a classy appearance with a glitzy glass and leaf pull tie bracelet from Lauren Conrad. Prefer a simple look that complements the clothes and accessories that you found on women's clearance (hint, hint)? A silver-tone disc stretch bracelet from Dana Buchman can add a simple yet tasteful touch to your wardrobe.

Clearance Necklaces

If you're looking for a way to enhance and accentuate your neckline, try adding a necklace to your jewelry collection. Not sure what style might work best? No problem! Let's take a look at a few popular options:

  • Clearance pendant necklaces - The elegance of a pendant necklace is unparalleled. This style features a small accent attached to a chain or cord long enough to place the accent piece below your neck.
  • Clearance gold necklaces - A timeless appeal that offers an elevated look, gold necklaces are easy to pair with any outfit. It's an absolute must-have in your jewelry collection.
  • Clearance multistrand necklaces - Whether they feature ropes of pearls or a single gemstone, these beauties make a big impact. Multistrand necklaces elevate even the simplest little black dress and adorn casual tops to make the look your own.

With clearance jewelry, you'll find all the colors and designs you need for yourself or as a gift at a low price. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or a workday at the office, you'll find just the right item you need to complete your fashion ensemble. Find all your essential, everyday jewelry options at Kohl's!