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Climbing Toys

Play time will reach new heights with Playhouses from Kohl's! Our wide variety of Climbing Toys offers many supercool playsets that your little one is sure to enjoy taking on. Shop the selection of toys and other playtime essentials at Kohl's, and bring your child's toy collection to a whole new level!

Tips & Tricks for Buying & Setting Up a Playhouse

Choosing the right playhouse for your child requires considering several factors. First of all, you’ll want a playhouse that can grow with your little one. Be sure to choose a playhouse that fits your child now, and will also be able to continue to entertain them as they get a bit older!

The next thing you need to think about is space. Be sure to choose a playhouse that will fit into your yard, and will also allow for at least 18 inches of clearance on all sides. This will help to provide easy installation and maintenance of your playhouse, and will also let your little ones have lots of room to play in and around the playhouse.

Once you find the right playhouse and have it installed, make sure to perform occasional maintenance on it to keep it looking great and always in working order. If the playhouse is constructed out of wood, make sure to treat the wood once a year, or as directed. Treat it as soon as you can after assembly, too, to keep the wood looking great right off the bat. And if your playhouse has hinges on doors or windows, be sure to lubricate them frequently with oil. If the playhouse is made of plastic, ensure it’s cleaned regularly, as it’s likely to get dirty from sitting outside in the elements.

Other Outdoor Playtime Essentials

Playhouses and climbing toys aren't the only ways your kids can enjoy the outdoors! Check out the wide selection of bubble and chalk toys we offer, allowing your kiddos to create some outdoor art! You can also find sand and water tables, sprinkler toys and pool floats that are sure to become favorites! And for even more fun, browse the varieties of trampolines, bikes, and sporting equipment available at Kohl's. We're your one-stop shop for outdoor fun!

Climbing toys from Kohl's offer playtime fun that's immersive and exciting! Find all your toy essentials at Kohl's, and get them ready to climb to the top!