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Decorative Wall Clocks

It's Time to Shop Clocks at Kohl's

Let time stand still for you and your guests with one of Kohl's collection of clocks: whether your style preference is to turn back the hands of time, or flash forward to the future, Kohl's has your clock. From ready to hang wall clocks, to table clocks for the living room coffee table, to mantle clocks for proud display and everyday essential alarm clocks, Kohl's knows what time it is. Be right on time at your home in timeless style with one of our terrific timepieces. Clocks from Kohl's in your home will form a classic combination for all-time. Be sure to combine your clock with our wide selection of wall decor and wall art at Kohl's featuring everything you may want for a wonderful wall at your home.

Wall Clocks

All and all, it's not just another clock for your's art and decor for your home. It's always time to freshen up the way one's wall appears. Create cool, classy style that stands the test of time with Kohl's collection of clocks for your home's walls. If there's something you don't love about your wall, then go to Kohl's for a clock to provide something timely to cover it. Peruse our perfect plethora of prominent wall clocks, including sately Roman Numeral models as well as modern numeric styles. Add wonder and whimsy to your wall with everything we've got in wall decor and wall art at Kohl's.

Table Clocks

Living on borrowed time? Outfit your home with your very own masterpiece timepiece from Kohl's. We've got the styles of yesteryear and today, all together in one time-space continuum known as Kohl's. Closely monitor your timeline with tremendous tabletop clocks, ideal for supplying a subtle reminder to be on time for your next important meeting. View our varying sizes, styles and faces, all in one of the most handy places: Kohl's, as usual, is right on time.

Mantle Clocks

Picture this: a friendly roaring fire and perched just above, a tasteful timepiece. Keep the clock close at hand, as you and loved ones slip into evening reverie. Let the gentle ticking of the mantle clock ease you away from the workday as you warm yourself in the fire's glow of days gone by. Or, simply place a tasteful clock upon some similarly elevated plane in your household and keep your eyes faced firmly to the future. Now, if you prefer the present time, make room for a mantle clock that suits your needs for today. Finally, if today's been too much for you, let the clock remind you to forget about today until tomorrow.

Alarm Clocks

We don't mean to alarm you, but it's time to...Wake up! That's really all these clever, set 'em and forget 'em clocks are trying to say. Ever since their invention by Arnoldo Alarmé of Austria, alarm clocks have been our constant clock companion. But alarm clocks have come a long way beyond the buzzer: lights, soothing tones and harmonic noises adorn the alarm clocks of today. Kohl's has an eye-catching collection of contemporary alarm clocks for all of us in need of a bit of the old get up and go.