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Clothes Steamers

Keep your clothes feeling fresh and free from wrinkles using a brand new clothes steamer from Kohl’s! Using the clean and natural power of steam to keep apparel looking new, a clothes steamer is an essential tool every household must have! Be sure to shop our full line of home storage and cleaning products for everything you need to keep your living space and essential items in tip-top shape!

A Steamer vs. An Iron: Which Should You Choose?

Steamers and irons both work to achieve the same common goal: removing wrinkles from your clothes to provide a crisp look. And while both do try to accomplish the same thing, they go about it in very different ways. Here are the pros and cons to using clothes steamers, as well as irons.

Steamer Pros:

  • flexibility, portability, and convenience
  • a garment steamer does not require the use of a sturdy iron board, unlike the conventional steam iron
  • can easily be used on fabrics that are soft and delicate
  • gentler on clothes, making it less susceptible to heating or burning

Steamer Cons:

  • you can’t get around smoothing out creases in tough or thick fabrics
  • you usually can’t wear clothes right after the steaming as it might be damp

Iron Pros:

  • quite effective in getting rid of crease lines in clothing
  • useful for tricky ripples such as a mark from hanging a shirt over a hanger on the bathroom door for a day or so

Iron Cons:

  • runs the constant risk of burning, leaving marks on your clothes if you are not too careful
  • a well-built ironing board is necessary – the space required for one puts the iron at a slight disadvantage compared to a garment steamer
  • the steam iron is not suitable for all fabrics.

With that information in mind, you can now decide which product is right for you. If you’re in need of a clothes steamer, there’s even more information available that can help determine the right one you need in your home.

Types of Clothes Steamers

Clothes steamers are available in several different styles, ensuring there is an option that suits your exact needs.

For use at home, a standup clothes steamer is likely the option you’ll want to have. With a rotating hanger, adjustable height, and maximum steam output, a standup steamer is the ultimate tool in keeping your clothes free from wrinkles!

If you’re on-the-go, and need to take a device with you to keep your clothes looking fresh, then be sure to check out the variety of handheld steamers available. With a small size that can easily travel with you, a handheld steamer is the perfect thing to bring along on your next work trip or vacation, where looking and feeling your best is required!

And we offer options of clothes steamers from some of the most trusted brands in apparel care, including Steamfast, Rowenta, Conair, and more!

With a new clothes steamer at the ready, you can be sure your entire wardrobe is always looking great and as sharp as it was on the day it was purchased. Even if you’re traveling, a handheld steamer is always at your side, ready to get those wrinkles out. Pick up the perfect steamer for your needs at Kohl’s and watch your clothes freshen up in no time!