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Coffee Makers

Coffee: there's no more important ingredient to morning. When it comes to activating your AM, nothing beats the fresh, friendly aroma of coffee coming your way. If coffee completes your commute, connects you to the computer or simply helps you keep concentration, come to Kohl's for our collection of coffee makers and great variety coffee maker accessories.

Kohl's offers some of the top brands of coffee makers available anywhere...but where do I start? Don't worry, we got you covered. Read on for key questions to consider and a comprehensive list of coffee accessories.

3 Key questions for coffee lovers to consider:

  1. How many cups do I need each morning?
    Whether you're brewing for a bunch or simply a solo cup, these two coffee maker options are just plug and play.

    Multi-Cup Coffee Makers

    Why they're great: Multi-cup brewers make up to 12 cups and include a range of features – such as pause-and-serve button – to get moving in the morning.

    Single-Serve Brewers

    Why they're great: Single-serve coffee brewers make one cup at a time without the fuss of grinding, using filters or cleaning a pot.

  2. Finished with filters?
    If you want to eliminate electricity and filters while adding elegance and simplicity, the press or pot could be for you:

    French Presses

    Why they're great: The filterless design of a classic French press leaves essential oils in the final coffee product, ultimately allowing a more full, fresh and complex flavor.

    Moka Pots

    Why they're great: Extract caffeine and flavors from the grounds for a strong brew with this stovetop option.

  3. Ready to go Pro? Espresso and Grind & Brew


    Why they're great: Bring café luxury to your home with automatic, super-automatic or commercial-grade espresso machines. For the best espresso at home, use finely ground beans similar to the consistency of table salt.

    Grind & Brew

    Why they're great: Enjoy whole beans freshly ground in one easy machine that seamlessly blends the grinding and brewing process with one easy push of a button.

No matter your coffee craving, Kohl's coffee makers make morning taste just right!

Coffee Collaborations: Consider these Essentials with your New Coffee Maker

Nothing's better than having everything you need to enjoy coffee with friends, family or just setting the scene for some alone time. Kohl's has you covered: check below for our collection of coffee accessories to make your mornings smile.


Kohl's has you covered, whether you've chosen single-brew pods or whole beans. Take a look at our wide variety, featuring some of the top brands of coffee products.

Cups and Mugs for Home

Like your favorite slippers, nothing makes morning coffee more cozy than the perfect cup. Check out these options, ideal for your coffee's constant companion.

Coffee Accessories

From coffee maker cleaners, water filters, rinse pods to lovely cup holders, be sure to access our accessories designed to complete your coffee commitment.

Coffee Grinders

Whole beans freshly ground grant great coffee...make it fresh and easy with Kohl's growing collection of grinders.

Kohl's concurs: coffee makers and coffee accessories are key to making our morning move. Make sure to revisit Kohl's for all your coffee components throughout the year.