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Trying out a new style for your master bedroom? Looking for the perfect comforter set for your dorm room? Or maybe you're decorating the guest bedroom to make guests feel warm and welcome during their holiday visit. Whatever the reason, you and yours can snuggle up with a warm and cozy comforter from Kohl's! Our entire collection of comforters and comforter sets offer options in a vast array of colors, weights, fillings, brands and more. When it comes to choosing the perfect bedding, Kohl's can help you find exactly the right comforter to compliment your style and enhance the aesthetic in your home or living space. Shop our selection of home essentials and other decor to find all the items you need to create a bedroom environment that is unique and welcoming.

Feeling well-rested is key to a balanced life, and finding the perfect comforter is the first step to achieving that balance. Kohl's makes it easy by offering a wide variety of comforter sets to choose from with in an expansive range of colors and patterns from the world's top brands, including Dream Factory, Eddie Bauer, and Intelligent Design. At Kohl's, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you'll find the best comforter to ensure a good night's sleep. Our collection of comforter sets are versatile enough to match any home's decor. Find all your bedding must-haves at Kohl's and enjoy sweet dreams night after night!

Down and Down-Alternative Comforters

Down and down-alternative comforters give you the option to select the level of warmth you'd like, based on the climate you live in and your personal preference. Light, fluffy down clusters expand and intertwine to create pockets of air, which provide insulation and warmth.

King Size and Queen Size Comforters

Turn your master bedroom into the suite of your dreams with a cozy and sophisticated king or queen size comforter from Kohl's! With brands like 37 West, Riverbrook Home, Marquis by Waterford, Woolrich, Kathy Ireland and more, Kohl's has the selection to make it easy to choose the one that you'll be excited to nestle into every night. Even if you have that extra roomy California King size bed, you can be sure you'll find the right comforter when you shop Kohl's. And since many of our comforters and comforter sets are reversible and machine washable, taking proper care of your bedding is a breeze.

White Comforters

Keeping it simple with neutral white bedding is a great way to keep your bedroom feeling light and airy, even in those dreary winter months. Kohl's has a selection of white quilts and blankets in a range of sizes and thread counts that will add a minimalist sophistication to any bedroom. Browse white bedding sets that include shams, bed skirts, pillows and more to bring a touch of elegance into your home.

Down Comforters

A high-quality down comforter will keep you warm on the coldest nights, whether you're weathering a long, snowy winter or experiencing unseasonably chilly summer winds. So when you shop Kohl's for the right comforter, the first thing to consider when purchasing a down comforter is weight: do you need something on the heavier side to keep out drafty winds, or do you live in a warmer climate and are looking to have bedding that's a little on the lighter side?

Another consideration is layering: do you prefer to sleep swaddled in layers of blankets and sweaters or are you a simple snoozer looking for a single blanket to do the trick? How you prefer to sleep will help you determine which weight is right for you.

How to create a stylish bed


Fashion comforters come in a variety of colors, patterns and techniques. Their main purpose is to add style and another layer of comfort to your bed. Comforters typically have a polyester fiberfill and come in a variety of weights to give a lofty and cozy appearance. Although comforters are made to fit standard size mattresses, the actual dimensions of your comforter will vary across price points and brands. A good fit allows the comforter to drop over the side of the mattress and overhang the bedskirt or a platform bed frame.


Duvet covers slip over your duvet insert or comforter, which allows you to quickly and affordably refresh your room. They typically have a button closure to conceal the insert and protect it from dirt, dust and wear. Some duvet covers also feature corner ties to help anchor your insert to the duvet cover to minimize shifting. Since duvet covers are separate from the insert, you can enjoy the benefit of easy, at-home washing.

Quilts & Coverlets

Quilts and coverlets are a lighter bedding option with a thinner fill. They are usually held together with intricate stitching that provides just as much style as the print itself. They're a great choice because they offer a layered look with the addition of blankets and comforters for customized warmth and style.


Bedspreads, much like coverlets and quilts, are a lightweight option for your stylish bed. The oversized design will brush the floor, covering your frame and making a bedskirt optional.

Fabric options


Plush offers a feeling of cozy luxury with superior softness and ultra-lightweight warmth.


Cotton is soft, durable and offers superior breathability. It can withstand repeated washes and general wear-and-tear, making it a popular choice.


Fleece is soft, ultrawarm and lightweight. Because fleece is low-pilling, it maintains a like-new look longer.


Safe and extra cozy, heated or electric blankets have an integrated electrical heating device that adjusts to provide customized warmth levels.

When you're ready to decorate any or every bedroom in your home, comforters are the centerpiece but they are only the beginning. Shop Kohl's to find a wide selection of great looking and matching bed sheets, comfy pillows, decorative blankets and throws, and much more. Use your gray comforter as the decorative foundation or starting point and find all the matching accessories to fill out the entire room and complete the look you're going for. You'll find everything you need when you shop Kohl's!