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Cotton Blankets & Throws

Cover up in cuddly softness with a brand new cotton blanket from Kohl’s! Cotton blankets provide the warmth you desire while offering an oh-so-soft feel that your entire family is sure to love. Not to mention that a cotton blanket is very versatile, and can be used on your bed, for a cuddly coverup on the couch, or in your care so it can go along with you no matter where life takes you!

Shop Kohl’s for blankets and throws you need to keep your family snuggled in comfort. If you’re looking for bedding, throw blankets, or any other type of soft covers, make Kohl’s your one and only stop for all things bed and bath!

Benefits & Features of Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets offer multiple benefits for those looking for a versatile covering that’s ideal for any time of the year and available in various styles, designs, and constructions. Lightweight cotton blankets are perfect for use in summer or warmer months, while heavier flannel cotton blankets keep you toasty when the weather turns cold.

In general, cotton blankets are hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Cotton is considered a very breathable material and a good type of blanket for warmer weather.

And when it comes to caring for your cotton blanket, they are easy to machine wash and stains will come out fairly easily. Cotton even gets softer with each wash! It’s very easy to care for as well - just toss in the washer and dryer and you’re all set.

That said, cotton blankets can be heavy when wet and need lots of time to dry, so keep that in mind when using outdoors when rain is in the forecast!

Various Types of Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets come in several different types, offering versatility and use in a wide range of situations and settings. Let’s take a look at a couple of blanket types, and how best to use them in your daily life!

Flannel blankets are the epitome of cold-weather coverings. They can consist of combinations of cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers, and the fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily. Flannel blankets are also easy to clean and can last for many years if well cared for.

  • Egyptian cotton blankets

Egyptian cotton blankets are perfect for those looking for a high-quality blanket or bedding. Egyptian cotton blankets are naturally quite breathable, wick away moisture, and can last for many years to come. They don’t shrink as much as regular cotton blankets, retaining their shape even after being washed.

Other Bedding & Bath Must-Haves

With the ideal cotton blanket all set, you can focus on enhancing the other areas of your bedding and bath.

No bed is complete without the perfect pillows, and we offer plenty of options to choose from. No matter the size mattress you have, the side/angle at which you sleep, or the material you prefer, you can feel confident in knowing you’ll find the right pillow for you at Kohl’s! Other blankets are also available, including fleece blankets, cotton blankets, weighted blankets, and more.

For the bath, you can find towels in all shapes and sizes - from hand towels to beach towels, and everything in between! Kohl’s also offers shower curtains, bathroom furniture, decor, and plenty of other essentials that enhance the look of your home.

Shop Kohl’s for home must-haves, including cotton blankets and throws. Designed to keep you and your family warm, a new throw blanket made of cotton is sure to cover you in comfort for years to come!