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Crib Bedding Sets

Preparing for that precious new addition means making his or her crib as comfortable as possible and that means shopping Kohl's for all the crib bedding sets you need to help create the perfect sleep space for baby. From crib skirts to swaddle blankets, you can find all the soft and cozy blankets, sheets and bedding you need to set your little one down for nap time or nighttime. Create baby's room just the way you envisioned it by choosing from among the adorable assortment of baby bedding at Kohl's.

When you shop our vast array of crib bedding sets for boys and for girls, you'll find baby sheets with sleepy animals, stars and moons, stripes, polka dots, hearts and so much more. Kohl's can help you find the right quilts, microfiber blankets, cute crib bedding sets and more. Shop our baby bedding collections to find just about everything your nursery needs in one convenient package. And while you're here be sure to explore nursery furniture, rugs and other décor to complete your vision. You're sure to bring baby home to dreamy style with the crib bedding and baby décor here at Kohl's.

Like cribs themselves, crib bedding sets are a must-have in every nursery room. While cribs provide safety and security for your baby while he or she sleeps, the crib bedding provides the comfort you want them to have. But they also add a tone and style to your baby's little sanctuary as well. With that in mind, it's very common for parents to have questions about how to choose the best crib bedding for their little one. Regardless of the theme or design you may be looking for, there are several important considerations you need to make. Check out these guidelines when choosing the best nursery crib bedding set for your baby:

Be sure the bedding set you choose has the 'core' crib bedding items

Crib bedding sets are available so that you not only have a coherent design but you also don't have to deal with the stress of having to buy each piece separately. Some nursery crib sets come with a few to a dozen pieces. Regardless of what you're buying, the crib set should include the following essentials: a fitted crib sheet, a mattress pad, crib skirt, blanket and swaddle, comforter, quilt, and pillow.

Make sure it fits perfectly in your crib

It seems as though that is something that should go without saying but parents neglecting to do a simple measurement of the mattress in their baby's crib to ensure proper fit is a lot more common than you would expect. The standard dimensions of mini mattresses are 24 x 38 inches while standard mattresses measure 27 x 52 inches.

Note the fabrics

Your baby will be spending more time in his bed so you want to make sure it's giving him lasting comfort. Make sure it is very soft and gentle to your baby's skin. A majority of crib bedding items are made from 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, which are both preferable for babies. Flannel cotton sheets are ideal for babies in winter because they retain heat, while cotton blends are great during summer season because they have better air circulation.

Finding the right crib bedding set for your little one should be an exciting and enjoyable adventure and that's exactly what you can expect when you shop Kohl's! Our wide selection of baby bedding includes a vast array of not only crib bedding sets but also individual pieces such as crib sheets, crib skirts, and mattress pads and covers. At Kohl's, you'll find everything you need to make a cozy, comfy and peaceful nursery and to welcome your little one home.

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