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Cross-Training Shoes & Sneakers

Running, weightlifting and HIIT workouts all require shoes that go the distance. Shop Kohl’s to find athletic shoes and sneakers designed to keep you a step ahead of the competition! If you plan on adding some additional intensity to your workout, cross-training shoes are just what you need. With additional support and traction, cross-trainers hold up well when pushed to the limits.

What are Cross-Training Shoes?

Arguably, the most important item needed for your active ensemble is the correct pair of shoes. Cross-training shoes offer various features and functions that help them to stand out amongst the rest. With additional support and traction, they hold up well when pushed to the limits. Cross-training is defined as an exercise plan that uses several modes of training to develop a specific component of fitness. When engaging in a cross-training workout regimen, you’ll to want to be properly outfitted in the gear you need to achieve maximum results.

What Makes Them Different from Other Shoes?

Running and cross-training footwear may look similar, but there are key differences between them that can have a huge impact on your performance. Cross trainers are the most multi-faceted of any athletic shoe. Features like foam soles, multi-directional tread patterns, and lightweight mesh uppers ensure maximum comfort and durability for whatever activity you undertake. For optimal, distraction-free performance, you need cross-training shoes engineered to move with you, supporting your steps and keeping you comfortable.

Can you Run in Cross-Training Shoes?

Cross-training shoes are designed to help enhance performance in a variety of activities. Whether you’re running on the treadmill or traversing the trails, you need proper support with each movement because your stability comes from your feet and ankles. Men and women’s training shoes are meant to help with side-to-side movement, and feature flatter soles to allow for this lateral range of motion. From runs and jumps to lifts and climbs, cross-training footwear is designed to take on the hardest workouts.

Shoe Styles from the Brands You Know & Love

  • adidas - A great pair of adidas sneakers combines top performance with timeless style. With responsive cushioning technologies like Cloudfoam, Ortholite, and Bounce, our adidas training shoes support you from start to finish.
  • Nike - Nike shoes are must-haves for any athlete, especially if cross-training is your specialty. Be sure to look for details like lockdown straps, breathable mesh, and traction-supporting outsoles.
  • Reebok - Reebok’s fully engineered woven technology provides enhanced breathability, flexibility, and durability. With Flexweave in your gym shoes, you'll get precision cushioning for comfort and support with every step you take.
  • Under Armour - When you put the work in, nothing can stop you. Under Armour shoes are made from top of the line materials and incorporate innovative technology geared toward giving you world-class performance, comfort, and support.
  • New Balance - New Balance broke the mold and engineered shoes to shift seamlessly among environments. Each pair of trainers is developed to enable a broader range of motion than the average running sneaker.

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