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How to Hang Curtain Rods

At Kohl's, we offer an extensive collection of great options for window treatments and décor (including great curtains and drapes) for you to explore, but first things first: learning how to hang curtain rods in the first place. If you're planning on hanging curtains, it's essential to master hanging curtain rods first. You can always hire a professional, but that can be pricey, and we think you'll find that hanging curtain rods is an easy enough job that you can do yourself — with a little help from our handy step-by-step instructions. Follow along and soon you'll learn how to hang curtain rods in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or any other space you think could use some stylish options for privacy.

Planning, Measuring and Positioning

Of course, hanging curtain rods won't work until you've settled on a curtain rod you want to hang. Luckily, Kohl's has you covered with hundreds of great curtain rods options in countless styles. Explore single rods, double rods, traverse rods and more in brass, bronze, gold tone, gun metal and more, and you're sure to find the perfect curtain rod for your space. You'll also want to make sure the curtain rod that you're hanging is sized appropriately with the window you want to hang curtains over, and that means getting proper measurements of the width and height of the window frame. When considering the width, you'll also want to consider how far you'd like the window treatment to extend past the window itself, if at all. Curtain rods that extend beyond the window frames themselves provide far more coverage, and usually look best. Keep in mind that hardware usually adds two-and-a-half to three inches on each side of your window for a total of five or six extra inches. To create the illusion of a wider window, add three to six inches on either side of the window frame. How you measure the height of the window for placing your curtain rods depends a bit on the kind of curtains you're planning on installing. If you're hanging kitchen curtains or other smaller curtains, you'll measure from the bottom of your window sill or just below it to the top of your window. For full-length curtains in a living room, measure instead from the floor to the top of your window. To make your room appear taller, add an extra four to six inches to the top of the window.

Hanging Curtain Rods

Now that you've made these measurements and decisions, it's time for the nuts and bolts of how to hang curtain rods.

  1. With a pencil, make a mark roughly four inches above your window. Curtain rods are traditionally hung four inches above the window, though depending on the height of your ceiling or length of your curtains, you may find you want to adjust this slightly.
  2. Place your first wall mount bracket on the wall where you've made your mark, using your pencil again to mark the locations of the screw holes. (A carpenter's level or similar device will help ensure that the mounting bracket is straight.) Repeat this step for the second wall mount bracket on the opposite side of the window.
  3. Using a power drill, drill guide holes where you've placed the marks for the mounting hardware. If you're installing curtain rods in drywall, you'll need to use plastic wall anchors for proper support.
  4. Using the drill (or a screwdriver, if preferred), fasten all brackets to the wall.
  5. With both brackets secured, put the curtain rod in place. If your curtain rod features curtain rings, attach them to the rod as a part of this step.
  6. Hang the curtains, double-check the brackets are secure, and voila! You've successfully learned how to hang curtain rods.

Final Notes

While this method works well for hanging most wall rods, you'll want to take any less typical features or shapes of your own curtain rod into account, particularly for curtain rods for French or arched windows. Ensure you're hanging your curtain rods properly by following manufacturer instructions. What do you do if you're hanging curtain rods in a rented space that doesn't allow you to make installations? Or if you simply don't have access to a power drill? You can find tension curtain rods at Kohl's, a great solution that sacrifice a bit of security for much easier installation and flexibility.