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Types of Kitchen Knives

Every at-home chef's collection should include multiple types of knives—from paring and boning knives to bread and carving knives. Having a set of sharp and diverse kitchen knives makes food prep more enjoyable, equipping you with the tools you need to experiment with new recipes. Each type of knife has a specific function that allows you to mince, dice and peel with precision, ease and safety. Before you start building the perfect collection of kitchen knives, it's important to understand the mechanics of your tools. Each type of knife differs slightly when it comes to handle, blade length and thickness, edge shape and tip. Bread knives, for instance, have serrated edges that allow you to gently saw through crusty loaves of bread, whereas boning knives have narrow blades to delicately separate meat from the bone. If you're just getting started, look for a multipurpose knife that can be used to cut almost anything, like a chef's knife or utility knife. Whether you're more advanced in the kitchen or merely looking for something to slice up a quick afternoon snack, finding the right type of knife is key. Shop Kohl's wide selection of kitchen knives today and get chopping!

Chef Knives

Because they are so versatile, chef's knives are the most popular type of kitchen knives. With a longer edge, this type of knife works best for everyday chopping and slicing, but can be used for almost any kitchen task, from julienning carrots to cutting steak. These knives are sturdy and comfortable to hold, making them simple to use, especially for beginners. The chef knife is a classic piece of cutlery that everyone should have in their collection, and a good chef's knife can become an heirloom to pass down for generations to come.

Paring Knives

With a blunt tip and straight edge, the paring knife is great for precision tasks like dicing veggies and peeling delicate fruits. This kitchen knife's short edge makes for exceptional maneuvering, allowing you to slice and trim small fruits and vegetables with complete control. Use a paring knife to deshell shrimp, core tomatoes or create a unique garnish.

Carving Knives

Keep a quality slicing or carving knife on hand to cut through turkeys, roasts and more. This type of knife looks like a longer kitchen knife, but wields more power when it comes to slicing through dense cuts of meat. Depending on the knife, the tip may be rounded or pointed, but a traditional slicing knife features a rounded tip with a very long, straight edge that makes it ideal for cutting meat into clean, even slices.

Bread Knives

With a scalloped edge, a quality bread knife will cut through soft, fresh bread without tearing or squashing it. The serrated edge works on crispier crusts, always protecting the bread's soft interior without smashing it. Use a bread knife on freshly baked bread and baked goods like bagels, brioche and pastry, or try it on fruits with tough skin and soft interior like tomatoes or figs.

Utility Knives

An all-around knife that's good for cutting almost anything, a utility knife is a must-have for every kitchen. This type of knife is perfect for beginners in the kitchen who are looking for something simple and versatile. A utility knife is smaller than a chef's knife, and can have a smooth or serrated blade. Use it for cutting fruit, halving sandwiches or slicing herbs.

Santoku Knives

A Santoku knife has all the great features of a cleaver and the versatility of a chef's knife. This Japanese-style knife works especially well for mincing, dicing and slicing. With a flat blade, a Santoku knife won't rock a cutting board, making it ideal for julienning vegetables or cutting nuts. This type of knife typically has a thinner blade and sharper angles, which can be helpful when making super fine slices.

Boning & Filet Knives

With a narrow blade that efficiently removes skin and bones from meat, a boning knife is an essential for every chef. Boning and filet knives can be used for vegetables too: try trimming and peeling your favorite fresh produce with this sharp and precise blade.


This kitchen knife is a very large, heavyweight knife that's ideal for chopping through meat and poultry with bones in a single stroke. The knife itself is more bulky, but this extra weight gives extra power for chopping poultry, meat and fish. This sharp and heavy blade allows you to cut through tendons and small bones with ease.