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Biking Gear

Biking can be a fun, leisurely pastime and a great form of exercise. Cycling as a sport can also be an intense and rigorous. Either way, there's no denying that a bicycle is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. And Kohl's has a wonderful selection of biking gear for the family!

When it comes to biking, the first thing you should think about is bicycle safety. That means ensuring that every rider has a protective helmet! We have a great selection of kid's bike helmets, including themed boy's bike helmets, as well as men's and women's bike helmets. If you're going to be biking at night or in an area that is not well lit, it's best to wear reflective gear along with bike lights! Protective pads, like knee and elbow pads, as well as wrist guards are great for all riders in case of an accident. They'll make sure you're as safe as possible so you can be back up on your bike in no time! Having the right cycling equipment will ensure that your time riding is as fun as it can be!

Let Kohl's be your destination for the best bike equipment!